Thursday, June 23, 2005

long time no Blog !!!!!!

Well , where to start ? So much has happened . I'm doing salad bar prep and sandwich serving in the Officers Mess now instead of cleaning . Still working 9 till 3 but no lunch break.
Dave start's his civvy job in the flight sim. on the 1st July (he's in Louisiana at the moment on his swansong - should be back Sunday ) Jamie's sitting exam's next week . He starts work in the plate wash at the Officer's Mess on Saturday 11 till 7 and is working at the Sgt's Mess Summer Ball next Friday .
Ellie is just being Ellie as usual and we're getting a puppy in August - his name's Jasper (or Jazzy) and he's a pure black Lab.
Haven't really been able to settle to any one piece of stitching and a piece I'm doing for a swap is overdue .
The weather is very hot at the moment - has been for the past week although it's forecast to rain from this evening