Friday, December 26, 2008

A glorious sufficiency !!!!

Oh what a brilliant Christmas. I got loads of stash , beautiful Kelmscott bitties that I've admired but couldn't justify buying for myself , silk threads to stitch with beautiful linens to stitch on , beads , and glittery pretties. I spent this afternoon in bed with four beautiful men - lol !!!!! My present from DH and DD was a wonderful pillow that I can plug my cd player or ipod or mp3 into and the Il Divo CD - The Promise - yummy ! I got a Thontons chocolate monkey and a bottle of Jim bean from my boss and some lovely bath things from DS ( indulgent bath with a book this morning )
On Monday Ellie and me are going to stay in Bath till Wednesday - Monday night we're going to the theatre to see The Nutcracker. I don't go back to work till the 5th so I've still got loads of time to indulge my passions.

Jazzy is in doggy heaven cuddled up to his teddy having had so much attention . Ellie has loved all her presentsn even though none of them where really expensive. Jamie is at rosies till Saturday

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry Christmas everyone

Well it's officially Christmas day here.
The works party at the weekend was brilliant - a dutch theme from Frieseland. The hotel was good as ever (the Pudding Club)
We started with champagne and Dutch canapes then we had a liquer called beerinenburg which you had to drink in one then eat a raw herring from a bed of salt and onions. A dutch brass band then arrived and marched throughthe room leading us to dinner . There were 6 tables (one for the children) On the tables where Dutch hats and chicken hats in Orange - forgot to say this was a black tie affair (company tradition) but when we arrived in our rooms there was an envelope with an orange bow tie for the men and a small orange bow pin for the ladies and girls. On the tables where orange feather boas and the children had some orange hair spray. After each meal course the men had to move on to the next table. The food was wonderful - Dutch themed but endining in traditional puddings - chocolate , jam roly poly and spotted dick with loads of custard. At midnight (didn't make it) was apple cakes and coffee.

The brass band played througout and when we'd eaten got everyone doing a conga through the hotel . everyone was encouraged to join in and the band had people playing the instruments . Ellie played the cymbals. We (dave , Ellie and I ) left for bed at 12 as I had to bath and shower Ellie before bed to get the orange out of her hair . Both Ellie and Dave where out like a light but I sat and had a hot chocolate and read for a bit - boring I know . The party went on till 5.30am with the band singing carols in Dutch outside at one point. We woke and had breakfast at 9 then Dave and Ellie went for a guided walk with others in the group. The band played and paraded through the hotel one last time before going to catch their ferry. We left the hotel at midday after pea and ham soup and winter Pimms and mince pies.
On Monday I went in to work for our team Christmas dinner which was at a local hotel - very nice.
Now everyone's in bed but me - Jamie's going to Rosies tomorrow so it's just Dave , me and Ellie.
And to all a good night !!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last day at work

Well it's here at last - my secret santa is wrapped ready to go in this morning.
I posted my stitched card (no picture as I couldn't find the camera) and my secret santa for stitch and stash. I've got my ornament for the sampler guild to post todayand my secret sister card and that's me done - I can get down to my model stitching and stitching for pleasure .
Hairdresser and bloods tomorrow and party Friday chill out Sunday and team lunch Monday .
If I'm honest , I look forward to just bumming around and catching up on sleep . It'll be nice not to have to get up for work
Must try to get the printer up and working while I'm off and want to have a bakeathon with Ellie as well

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just not feeling Chrismassy !!!!

Just not 'in the mood ' despite playing Christmas music and wearing reindeer antlers !!!!
Tried Ellie's dress on her - phew ! it fits - I know , bit last minute but hey , that's me.
Last week wasn't particularly brilliant. I did get all the cards out in the post apart from the usual stragglers and I decorated both work Christmas trees and they look beautiful even though I say so myself - Upstairs is gold and green downstairs silver and purple . The smell of pine is gorgeous when I go into work in the morning.
Sewing wise , I finished my stitched card (goes in the post today ) I didn't take a picture so I'll have to ask my partner to do one for me.
Just finishing up ornament and it will go in post tomorrow as will secret santa package.
Set to with boss at end of week - usual thing , his talking down to me and me being accused of not doing my job - I have email proof to show otherwise but frustration makes me feel theres no point . Feel very low at moment , may be weather or tabs or just me don't know. Dr tomorrow , bloods on Friday . Hairdresser friday for a new curlier me . Party Saturday night.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas - bah humbug !!!!

Well , spent all day at work yesterday with the directors Christmas card lists - what a nightmare , I've still got two to do which I hope to finish today then it's up to them to sign them so I can get them in the post.
The Christmas trees have arrived at work and as usual they've done us proud. My boss suggested that we find two voluntary elfs to deck them as I was busy - we'll see !!
I got Rosy's (Jamies girlfriend) present - hope she likes it. New boots and basque arrived today - Ellie's boots not arrived yet. Icy cold out . Town was busy pasty shop had sold out on plain pasty's at first lunch so I had a 'xmas pasty' - chicken and ham with stuffing.
still not done card as I didn't like the design - must crack on as it need sto be in the post this week as does gift and ornament . Then I can relax with my model stitching

Sunday, December 07, 2008

This week dragged

It was freezing all week but we didn't get any snow - a little bit of sleet was all.
Got a tiny bit of stitching done . Watched the end of 'I'm a celebrity' seems to have gone quicker this year . I thought Martina might have won but not surprised that Joe did
Dave's work's dinner was on Friday at the Bolingbroke arms and the top I bought didn't feel comfortable so thank goodness for my trusty Monsoon stash and black trousers !!!!
The meal was lovely. Salmon roulade with french toast for starters, steak Wellington for main course and banoffi chocolate trifle with chocolate sauce for sweet . I didn't manage to finish everything though and left some of each .There where the usual speeches and secret santa and caught up with some old friends (the emphasis being on old!!!!) as we knew some of them from years back when both Dave and I where in the RAF and WRAF respectively. Pull up a sandbag and I'll tell you more , lol !!!! No maybe another time. Busy week ahead at work , trying to get everything done before we finish.

Monday, December 01, 2008

a bit of progress

As predicted , a cold weekend - not a crisp sparkly cold but a damp cold to your bones time.Apart from a bit of sleet yesterday morning we've had drizzle and mist - not nice at all . Ellie and I spent most of yesterday snuggled in bed - her reading and me sewing.
I finished my ornament , just needs the cutting and finishing doing. So cracking on with card now hopefully won't take long.
Got some modelstitching done (the polstitches one - didn't want to put it aside as I love the brightness as opposed to the whites and dulls of the ornament and card - funny how stitching on different things can effect the mood.
Ellie's going to her friends on Friday after scholl to knit squares for blankets. Dave's work do is Friday night - trousers and top I think.