Saturday, March 11, 2006

Long time no blog again !!!

Yes , I know I was going to be better at posting but life got the better of me !!
Lots to tell though , 20 February I handed in my notice at the Mess and I left on the 3rd March. Two potential jobs lined up subject to clearance .
Did lots last week on my first free week .
Jamie will be 18 next month and we have got him a car and he's started his driving lessons . He's now working two evenings as well as the weekend in the mess.
Dave is well settled in his job in the flight sim and we've been going out more .
Ellie is now six and has been to quite a few parties . Last Thursday she went on a school trip to the Bristol science museum and the Imax - their topic this term in school is space.
Yesterday I went into Bath and visited the museum of costume in the Assembly Rooms , it was really interesting - some lovely work on the costumes and also an exhibition about Rudolph Nureyev.
Have been buying some new clothes / shoes ready for my (potential) new jobs.
Have done some needlework but also got kinda sidetracked.
Started an OU course about computing systems.
Jasper has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia so has to be careful of diet - too much weight will cause him problems.
I'm now into silks in a big way - using DMC less and less as I love the 'handle' and texture of silks .
thats all for now !!!