Friday, July 31, 2009

On a roll

Well , I'm shooting ahead on the project side at work at the moment and have started to work out my presentation. Breakfast briefing this morning - I have a slot at the end to ask for peoples input.
Dave's away this weekend so crack on with homework. Next weekend he's taking Ellie to Lincoln so I'll have some more time to myself - probably get sewing out as opposed to needlework.
The haircut was favourably received at work - the word 'babe' was even bandied about.
Dave has organised Jamie with wet weather suit ,new lights and helmet for his pushbike and dropped him an bike at new job yesterday afternoon (Jamie wasn't back till late last night so don't know how it went) It's bar work in a hotel (big chain) so he finishes quite late.
The rain it did rain yesterday morning but it was sweltering in the afternoon . It's dress down day today so cropped pants and tshirt is choice - hope there is no rain today. I've even painted my toenails a bright shiny blue - feeling positive at the moment. Went into Body Shop yesterday and bought some smellies in the new Moroccan Rose .
feeling positive

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A little bit of an update

Well , it was hospital yesterday and I spoke to the nurse who was with me on the fateful Monday before coming down with Swine Flu Tuesday - it turns out that she was sent home from work on that Tuesday with suspected swine Flu so there you have it !!!! Who infected who will never be known.
On a positive note my eye was better so I'm tapering the steroids again.
I had my hair cut drastically short before I went to the hospital in an attempt to get rid of all the dry 'mess' that was still lingering since before christmas . I think the tablets have a hand in the bad condition of my hair as well. I think it looks quite smart now but from DH's mutterings , he obviously isn't impressed - c'est la vie !!!
I bought Ellie a new detangle brush - expensive but it promises to 'take the tears out of tangles' - anything for a quiet life.
I must crack on at work with FF's project's - don't remember if I mentioned what they where but they are recycling and training for Fire marshal's and first aiders . Not difficult in themselves but I have a time limit and I must tick every box in his sheet in order to pass and there are a LOT of boxes.
My friend and colleague who came with me to my disciplinary hearing is helping me even though he told her he didn't want her to - personally I don't think he can say that , as long as I do all that he asks then it matters not how I get the thing done ?
I'm a bit hyper at the moment which could be the steroids - swings and roundabouts ? Sometimes I fell so low I need to shut myself away and pull the covers over my head , not at the moment though.
The rain absolutely heaved it down yesterday but it seems a bit brighter today. I need to stitch urgently but can't settle at the moment
Maybe tonight.

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been a long, long time

Hello my faithful peeps.
I'm back - I have my sparkly computer up and running well and a brand new broadband server so we'll see how things go .
On the health front things have been up and down - just recovered from suspected swine flu - Doc doesn't know for sure as he said it was too expensive to do the proper blood test.
Hospital Wednesday as eye is in flare up again - was threatened with eye injection again but defrayed the attack !!!
Work is not good - on final warning pending the sack , have two weeks to complete a project to FF's satisfaction. Have wonderful support however in shape of friend and colleague who accompanied me to meeting (she was the HR lady but moved over to accounts so has lots of experience) also lots of colleagues on my side.
Jamie left his job without getting another first !!! But has been taken on as a casual in a hotel near here - big rows between him and DH as you can imagine and he owes both of us money - he's been staying with latest girlfriend a lot I think to keep out of our way.
Ellie has now finished school for the summer and got a really good report.
I have started a new online course - Emotional Intelligence skills - which will hopefully make me more organised and less emotional !!!
Needlework wise I'm still doing a round robin - teapot at the moment. Also started (not got very far on a Jane Greenough piece - a band sampler with some spot sampler elements.
Quilt is on hold for the minute and I hope to crack on with Ellie's Jane Austen dress for the promenade in Bath in September.
Ah well must get ready for work
More later