Monday, March 12, 2012

Almost a Year !!!!

And I have no real excuse for not blogging except I didn't want to tempt fate !
I know, mad as it is with things going well I wanted to cuddle into my happy place and stay there . However as a 'blog friend' ( In New Zealand at present also blogs from the Hebrides - you know who you are !) worried about my absence , here i am
The proverbial 'Bad Penny' .
So what's been happening in my little world (love that song 'come fill my little world right up, right up')
My errant son is settled in a cottage with his original girlfriend engaged and both working - wish I could see my granddaughter but hey - that's life and maybe one day.
My daughter has become the typical tweenager with all the added attitude , angst and fun. My husband still doesn't know what the future holds as MOD are being slow with a descision.
My dog is being a dog and cares little for day to day woes as long as he's fed and loved and has his teddy to cuddle.
My job is going well post upheavels (I'm still standin' yeah , yeah , yeah)
I've joined a knit and bitch club every Thursday lunch time and my assessments have been good.
I'm almost finished on a cardigan and knitting a fluffy heart and I'm called on to help other learner knitters so lovin it.
Needlework is slow but steady as dodgy eye plays up regularly.
Am ready to work on my quilt again - have to be in right mood.
Off to stitch Knit at Olympia with daughter next week , looking forward to window shopping (mid month so restraints needed)
Until next time - mwah !

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can't believe how long it's been !!

And so much has happened .
First of all I've not seen any more of my granddaughter since she was born. DS split from her mother and is back home.He is back with the girlfriend he was with before Ava's mother.So sad.
Job is going well and the London meeting went very well. The hotel was a lovely 'boutique hotel' and the meeting was held in a 'state of the art' complex.I'm due to go to London again next month for another meeting .
The ongoing eye problem went through a very scary phase which was partly the reason for my not posting (if I don't talk about it, it can't be true !!!)
It was decided that the teeny weeny freckle on the back of my eye had changed slightly so I was referred to Moorfields Oncology clinic and so went into a 'what if' contemplation.All turned out well though and am back to my 'normal' hospital appointments in Bristol.
My 25th wedding anniversary came and went without comment as did my birthday and Mothers day - never mind.
My needlework is going slowly and steadily - been going through a bit of an uninterested phase due to tiredness and kindle-love

Sunday, January 30, 2011

So , how's it going ?

Well it's ages since I last posted .
My son 'threw a moody' round the New year and came home for a few days but he went back and sorted things out and all seems to be quiet.
My granddaughter is growing beautifully from what I hear (I've only seen her the once but that's their choice and they have to sort their lives as it works for them).
My daughter had her 11th birthday and will be changing schools in the summer.
I've been working hard in the new job and have to attend a 2 day meeting in London in two weeks time. The hotel looks good and there is an important dinner to attend.
Stitching slowly and steadily - nothing to show at the moment.
It's very cold here and my bed is so warm and comfortable , I hate leaving it.
I've just got a kindle for my birthday ? the beginning of a new love ! We bought my daughter one for her birthday and she loves it.
I've been getting a fresh fruit and veg delivery from a farm and trying to encourage the family to eat more - it's working for my daughter and myself - very slowly for my husband.
And so the year unwinds with new beginnings and fresh ideas .

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I am a Grandma

Ava Mae born 07/12/2010 at 11.47pm weighing 7lbs 14ozs

Monday, November 22, 2010

Interesting times

Well , this is my last week as a temp. Next week I start my new job as permanent staff in the building across the road from where I am at the moment. As the team I've been working with for the past six months move over the following week , it won't be much different. We have a new computer system to contend with but I won't be 'the new girl' on that as we all have to learn it.The seating arrangements are different as well - not so cosy !!! but this may not be such a bad thing.
My new little granddaughter is due to make her entrance into this world within the next two weeks - such cold weather for her , still she'll be kept snug and warm basking in everyone's love.
DD too k part in an ABBA concert with children from all the local schools last week and loved every minute of it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A real dilemma

Having said I'd accept the job the other day (not signed the contract yet) I've now been offered another job with better pay , no weekend work good benefits and flexi hours Sorry to say I think I have to take this one even though I feel awful letting the others down at this late stage.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good things come to those that wait

Well some good news - at the end of the month I start a permanent job in the pharmacy of a large well known British Chemist chain - what can I say? 'Here come the girls'!!!
I was off sick with ear ache which knocked my balance and made me feel ill when DH told me that my phone had gone and could I ring the person I'd interviewed with. I was just getting ready to respond to the 'You did a very good interview ,however .....' I almost missed the 'you're just the right person for the job' You could have blown me down with a feather.
Anyway , the worry of whether I would still be working by Christmas has lifted and I ca again look to the future.