Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brrrrrrrr!!!! Cold but snug.

Well it's truly freezing here today. Weather Pixie says 2C at the moment but I suspect it feels chillier outside.
Boss came back to work yesterday - I wasn't best pleased as with my immune system being down ,and him coughing up gunge , chances of him infecting me are pretty high. Our übermeister suggested he should wear a mask to protect me and wasn't altogether joking !!!
Work was steady but quiet . Dave picked me up and it was freezing fog on the way home. Forgot to say that we stopped off at the Beefeater for tea Wednesday night after work which was nice.
Got my secret santa present for work - need a couple more things for it but have to get them nearer the time so won't wrap it yet.
Bit closer to finishing ornament but will need to frog as noticed a glaring counting error .
Got package from Polstitches today for modelstitching and have made a start - the colours are really bright on this piece (ordinary DMC) such a tonic in this dull weather.
I was going to go to Bath Christmas Market with madam today but the weather is so horrible it's not worth it - maybe next weekend.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sigh of relief

Well I ended up not going to work Monday and Tuesday as I was still suffering from the 'screamers'!!! (I got half way up the road Monday and had to turn back) To say I feel drained is a bit of an understatement - it's a good job we have two toilets !!!!
Anyway , I went back to work yesterday to find the boss and half the other staff had also been suffering and boss was still off having left work Monday lunchtime so I was quite busy all day.
Team Christmas lunch is on the 22nd so I will come into work (I'm on leave) for that - its at a local hotel.
I got a message last night that my oriental mailart had been received so here are the pictures.

I'm so pleased they arrived safely and she liked them also it means that I don't need to stitch a replacement - phew. Ornament stitch is going slowly - not keen on the part I'm stitching at the moment , probaly because I'm having to rely on magnifier too much.
Got shoes and shrug for Ellie yesterday for works Christmas party - now need shrug or similar for me and walking boots for Ellie !!!!
Dave's do is a week Friday - trousers and top I think.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Spoke too soon !!

Started the higher dose of immunosuppressants , the antibiotics and lower dose of steroids this morning and body reacted with a veangeance - nose bleeds , diarrhoea and nausea. Needless to say I stayed off work . Slept most of the day (between toilet visits) Hope this wears off quickly.
I want to crack on with the stitching over the weekend and at least get my ornament finished.

Yesterday (there's a song there somewhere !!!)

Well hospital went well yesterday - Immunosuppressant dose has been raised but I'm to start reducing steroids slowly again. Unfortunately she's not happy with finger so I've got more antibiotics and a nagging to see my GP next week !! I'll probably discuss BP then as well.
In the post I got loads of beautiful Madeira silks (ebay win and stay at home parcel) also my chart of Oweenee which I will make a start on after Christmas.
Didn't do any stitching yesterday but have the makings of my stitched card .
Tonight they switch the lights on in Chippenham so Dave and Ellie (she has writing workshop after school ) will come in and park at work and we'll have a wander round - forecast to be freezing !!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo added to Profile

I've actually put a photo on my blog. This was 6 years ago when Ellie was 2 the picture was taken at Bourton on the water.
Bristol Eye Hospital today so will feel like a pincushion when they've finished !!! Can't hang around shopping as I have to pick up Ellie from Val's (childminder)
Startied knitting a scarf in some really wacky wool last night - don't know if I have enough and possible will not be able to get more so hope I can finish it.
Found out venue for works Christmas Do - it's the same as last year - The Pudding Club . I have my dress - It's a black tie affair as always so my dress is long . I just want to get a shrug or a lacy overtop . Ellie has her dress and again will need a shrug , also shoes - her feet grow so quickly these days.There will be a walk the next day for those that want to but I wont do it this year - get out of breathe too quickly with the new tablets and my lagging would spoil it for others.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Decidedly colder

This morning there's a realnip in the air and it's forecast to be colder this weekend - good for cuddling up and stitching !!!
I'm going to slip a few pictures in now - quality is not very good but I'll alter that later.
First the goldwork class I did back in March

Next a mailart I received from Lillian for an oriental themed swap

I'll maybe get to write some more later

Monday, November 17, 2008

Quick catch up

Okay , very quick catch up.
I wanted to put pictures in today but haven't quite made it.Maybe later. Cracked on with ornament and it's looking hopeful that I'll finish soon - may do some in work at lunch time.
Set up Dave's new toy (notebook) but having problems with wirless on my broadband - need to download another driver , may do that tonight. May have hospital appt this week - not heard from Annie.
Weather grotty at moment so not really going out lunchtimes - but spending time on internet is a waste so must make the effort to stitch.
Plan on getting to Bath this year for the Christmas Market - all hotels (at reasonable price) fully booked so will go up and back by train on the day.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Very Sad

Well , looks like nobody wants a 'pay it forward 'from me so I will probably just do some 'RAK' 's for people who take my fancy.
Never mind - I have plenty of projects to do anyway

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Running past myself

Well , where did last week go ?
After being ill Monday and Tuesday with the dreaded flu , I went back to work Wednesday feeling last than brilliant to a lecture from boss about how I should take some leave for R&R - the last thing I need , to come back like last year and find out that someone has taken over my job reorganising my desk (personal space ) while I'm away!!!
Thursday was marginally better.
Friday was hospital - quick in and out - eye in flare up but not surprised as the flu will have affected my immune system.
Saturday I started my ornament swap for the sampler guild swap, then didn't like it so have started another !!!. Thursday posted out oriental mailart, ornament for Diane and stay at home swap.
Need to crack on with piece for March retreat and also need to do a Christmas card for Jaynes Attic swap.
Leave booked for Christmas. We find out next week where we're going for Christmas party.
Dave might not go if Jamie can't look after the dog - he'll just drop us off and pick us up in the morning.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Catch up

Okay , Friday lunchtime went out for a girlie lunch with workmates. It was the 30th birthday of one of them. We went to Pizza Hut . Food was good but slow service and mixed up bill spoilt it.

Friday night went to the Bell for dinner . It was decorated inside and out (graveyard in the beer garden) for halloween and they had a halloween childrens tape with stories and music playing. There where prizes for the childrens costumes and Ellie went as a witches cat - didn't get a picture unfortunately !!!) Dave and I shared mixed olive's and hot crusty bread as starters , I then had seared venison with new potatos and green beans and finished with chocolate and blood orange mousse.

Saturday night I started with a temperature then all night went hot and cold and kept on blacking out , bad diarrhoea followed and I spent Sunday sleeping and dashing to the toilet. Needless to say I didn't go into work Monday .

Managed to finish a bit of stitching though

This is the first square for the The Sampler Guild challenge . It's a raised diagonal band. I used an Ozark floche which was a limited edition - I ran out near the end so had to substitute a Limited edition Vikki Clayton silk and a Caron Watercolours to get the right shades . It's not perfect but it works.

I have a couple more pieces but as they're gifts , they have to stay secret for the time being.