Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end and the beginning

This year I ended one job and started another.
Today , fittingly , we had a 12 day old baby girl in the shop and dispensed a prescription for a 102 year old lady . Beginings and ends - where will they take us?
I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and many more of them.
Take care

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rebellious Body

Well after being unusually healthy since August and hoping that I'd finally turned the corner healthwise, I woke Wednesday with very bad upset stomach . Couldn't risk the bus journey to work (more than an hour with no toilet access ) so rang in sick. Slept most of the day in the hope of recovering but woke with sore throat , temperature and swollen glands - developed ear ache as well later so had to text to say I'd be back Monday.
Didn't think I'd be able to do Saturday - Bath - but I felt better after resting a few days so it probably was my body in protest mode.
The American Museum at Claverton Manor was decorated for Christmas with a Flights of Fancy theme. We met the ladies of the Sampler Guild and started with a lovely cup of coffee and home made cookies then made a raid on the book shop and Christmas decorations. Then it was back to the cafe for lunch - for Ellie baked potato with lots of cheese , for me butternut squash soup and chunky homemade bread. Then we toured the house , with Ellie hunting kites with Father Christmas notes attached.Then it was back to the cafe to meet up with the ladies and compare goodies !!! Then home by train , bus and foot - shame about the rain .
Forgot to say the wonderful quilts and hook rugs are amazing and well worth a visit on their own