Saturday, October 31, 2009

yes - so I'm a horrible person

I had two more interviews last week - one job was absolutely perfect , everything I wanted, but I was accepted for another less perfect job. I hung out for the goodie and was told I hadn't got it but had done a good interview - woopie dooo - ungrateful b***h that I am. So I've got a job - not so perfect but okay. Thank you everyone that have wished me luck and have looked out for me - I promise to do my best and let you know how I do

Sunday, October 25, 2009

things are moving forward

It feels like interviews are like buses - nothing for ages then they all come along at once.
I got my hair cut - smart spiky pixie style.
My two interviews went really well and I've had one job offer already , but I'm waiting to hear about the other one before I accept (is that greedy ?) . The offer I've had will mean two buses - bus into town and back out , and working every other Saturday morning with a day off in the week .The other job is central , office hours and no weekends but is temp to cover maternity with a chance of permanent. I also have two more interviews - one on Wednesday for a job closer to home and the other Friday which is again two buses. All the jobs have positives and negatives and I can't help feeling that in the current economic climate , I can't afford to be too choosy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy days

Well , last week was quite busy . I've started studying for my CeFA qualification , but a bit of a viscious circle really. Have paid half but I can't sit the exam until I've paid it all, I can't afford the rest till I'm back in work but I won't be sent for an interview even until I've sat the exam !!!!
I went on a jobseekers seminar which was actually quite useful. It made me think about the jobseeking thing differently and I revamped my CV.
Signed on for the first time yesterday - not as much an ordeal as I expected . Had hospital appointment as well which was positive despite being there more than 2 hours ( they had two try's before getting my blood sample so a bit bruised and battered !!!) . My eye is a lot better but the Dr want's to keep me on 5mg Pred for another couple of months (till next appt) as it's the flu season and my flare ups usually occur when I have an infection.
On another note I have 'two' interviews tomorrow for very different jobs !!! One in the morning and one in the afternoon , so I'm off to get my hair tidied and trimmed today.
Princess Anne visited Ellie's school yesterday
Ellie was in the group singing whenshe arrived and they also did a bell ringing display of which Ellie was the lead bell .
Today Ellie is having a 'taster day' at the senior school even though she has another year before she moves up - her class is mixed and there are children a year older who will move up in September.
Tomorrow they're on half term (already !!!) . Dave will be taking her with him to hockey because I have the two interviews.
So wish me luck for tomorrow peeps.
Take care

Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I have discovered (rediscovered)

It's lovely to be able to take / pick up Ellie from school . To listen while she tells me about her day or what she'll be doing . When I was working I'd see her for 10 minutes in the morning while I did her hair (always traumatic !!!) and in the evening for about an hour before she went to bed to read before lights out .
To sit and catch the last of the decent weather with the porch door open either reading , sewing or on the computer with Jazzy by my feet.
To have lunch with my DH at a country pub before picking Ellie up in the afternoon.
To eat when I'm ready instead of when it's time.
To have a lie in when I want.
To have time to do things that I put aside as weekend jobs then found out the weekend went t quickly or was used as recovery time after a 'bad week'
I'm now 'over the other side' of my upsetting past and more relaxed , I've lost some weight and have started a course which I hope will get me back into work
Just had a call - might have some admin work for six weeks starting Monday

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lots to say - if you want to 'listen' !!!

I haven't posted in ages because the dreaded 'depression' thing was rearing it's ugly head. I know about this 'cause I suffered quite badly ( culminating in chemical intervention) back in 1998 before fell pregnant with Ellie ( her failure to thrive was a cause for worry as to whether the tabs had affected her ) . I didn't want to go the tab route this time so took to my bed and slept off the problem - it works for me. Yes I'm still B & T but that's me - I harbour grudges.
I had a lovely weekend starting the 18th though when Ellie and i stayed in Bath for the Jane Austen weekend. The plan was for her to join the promenade but I didn't get my act together- despite having both pattern and fabric - to make her dress. So we watched instead.

And Ellie joined the lovely couple in the bottom picture for a photo - maybe next year ? !
The weather was glorious all weekend and there was a really good farmers market in the complex (ex railway station) opposite our hotel. We saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in 3D and ate at TGI Fridays and we went to the Egg theatre and saw the Clever Clogs and the Cunning Princess. Excitement at the hotel Sunday morning at 7.30am when the fire alarm went off - Ell and I rushed out in jammies and coats to be told that somebody had burnt the toast !!!! I managed to lock myself out of my room so had to go back to reception for another keycard still in Jammies !!!!
Life then settled down to daily computer job applications until I signed on Monday just gone. I'm booked into a seminar next week and I've had one unsuccessful interview but lots of 'you have been unsuccessful on this occasion however we where impressed by your CV and will keep you on our books. Now, today all this changed , I won't say more as I'm a bit superstitious but , I may be back in work next month so wish me luck.
Oh, one other thing , I was right about FF , he'd already decided way back I was going - he's taken on 'Santa's little helper' his yes man who washes grapes !!!! I can't do nothing about it although I reckon if I hadn't signed the agreement I'd have had a really good case for constructive dismissal.
Take care peeps