Sunday, August 21, 2005

I've been a bad girl !!!!!

Okay so it's been ages since I last blogged again . I've been working on salad bar prep since the beginning of June and have enjoyed it but have now had to admit defeat - I really can't fit in all the necessary prep and serve and do breakfast prep and sandwiches in 6 hours a day !!!! Also I don't get any breaks and it's knackering me so I finish September 2nd then I have a two week break (unpaid) and start as an accommodation cleaner again.
Ellie goes back to school on the 1st and Jamie back to college on the 8th .
Dave seems settled in his new job and we have a new puppy !!!!!
Jasper is a black Labrador born 15 May . We went on holiday on 28th to Mundesley and when we came back , picked him up from Sally on the 8th . He's due his second jab at the end of this week when we''ll be able to take him out for walks.
As far as stitching goes , I'm getting nowhere fast - doing bits out of different pieces depending how the mood takes me . I'm still finishing a mailart piece for a birthday in July then I've got another birthday and an Autumn one to do .
Wips at the moment are Shakespeare , Just Nan's Noah's Ark and I've been getting together the fixings for 'Mary Queen of Scots '(Charland) and Sulgrave Sampler .

Thursday, June 23, 2005

long time no Blog !!!!!!

Well , where to start ? So much has happened . I'm doing salad bar prep and sandwich serving in the Officers Mess now instead of cleaning . Still working 9 till 3 but no lunch break.
Dave start's his civvy job in the flight sim. on the 1st July (he's in Louisiana at the moment on his swansong - should be back Sunday ) Jamie's sitting exam's next week . He starts work in the plate wash at the Officer's Mess on Saturday 11 till 7 and is working at the Sgt's Mess Summer Ball next Friday .
Ellie is just being Ellie as usual and we're getting a puppy in August - his name's Jasper (or Jazzy) and he's a pure black Lab.
Haven't really been able to settle to any one piece of stitching and a piece I'm doing for a swap is overdue .
The weather is very hot at the moment - has been for the past week although it's forecast to rain from this evening

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nearly the end of the month

Again , I've taken ages to write , I used to write a diary regularly many years ago and was never this tardy !!!
Well , have now finished the modelstitch for Pol which will be in the post tomorrow and I'll put up a picture as soon as it's published . Emailed Pam and she hasn't even sent out the piece I returned to be finished yet so a bit miffed as I could have stitched more and kept my reputation a bit more intact as a model stitcher if I'd known the deadline wasn't so imminent - oh well live and learn !
Got a beautiful envelope in the Mailart exchange from Malaysia and it had gone through all the normal stamping and franking - will post a photo later .
Got my first Birthday card from Stitch and stash today - two lovely threads Six Strand Sweets - Spun Sugar and Dragon Floss - Fire and Ice .
Ellie had an Easter service last Wednesday at Church (Dave actually went to it !!!!!) and she had some words to say - we had to drum into her not to say every one else's words as well.
I have to make her a hat for the school Easter bonnet parade on Thursday - got all the bits but it's putting it together - last years looked so good and quite professional in some cases !!!
Ellies been so tired the past two nights that I've had to fight to get her to have some tea and milk before bed .
Was off sick with IBS on Monday , in work today , leave tomorrow (last day of leave year ) work Thursday and off Friday till next Tuesday.
Dave had an interview for flight sim job Friday - is away at hockey so phoned him - he didn't get it . Ah well , first interview in umpty ump years !!!!
He actually finishes in September so a bit of leeway.
Jamie will have to look after Ellie during the Easter break - I can see the start of several arguments !!!!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

March already !!!

It's been ages since I last posted as it seems to have been really busy in the last month .
The saddest thing was that a Hercules went down in Iraq killing a 10 man crew , two who I knew personally . The whole village was in mourning as well as the camp and amidst the visits of The Queen , Princess Ann and Geoff Hoon and various forces dignitaries , we where very busy. There are still flowers outside the main gate .
In the last couple of weeks the weather has turned very cold and we've even had some snow although it's not settled here but other parts of the UK have had lots.
It was our wedding anniversary on the third ( 19 years !!!) and Dave bought me an ipod shuffle - really clear and easy to use.
Mother's Day today and I got card's from Jamie and Ellie and some lavender aromatherapy candles.
Had to send the piece of model stitching that I was doing for one designer unfinished as I knew I wouldn't hit the deadline.
Am doing another one though for another designer and it's coming along nicely .
Started my computer course again but have hit a hiccup as I ran out of printer ink - will sort that tomorrow .
Dave is in Cyprus till Thursday (flew out yesterday) doing Hockey.
His trip to New York was cancelled so he was in a bit of a mood before he went .
I'm on leave till Wednesday as we have to take our leave before the end of the month or lose it.
Phew ! think that's everything for now .
Oh , nearly forgot , I finished my mailart for Nancy and she's had it now so I can post pictures

Mailart Nancy front Posted by Hello

Mailart Nancy open Posted by Hello

Mailart Nancy back Posted by Hello

Fridge magnet for Nancy Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ages since my last post !!!

Ages since my last entry so lots of things should have happened !!!!
Dave got back safely from Goose Bay loaded with goodies . I went back to work after my fight with the flu. We had a snowfall but by morning it had gone.
Finished my mailart envelope so will send it out Monday , will put a photo in when it's been received just in case - don't want to spoil the surprise.
Been working flat out at work the past couple of weeks and have felt too tired to do anything when I got home .
Ellie has been punched twice by the same boy at school so I went to see the headmistress yesterday - hope she does something about it.
Ellie had her school disco yesterday - gosh time is flying by.
Dave went for his resettlement course this week - hard to believe he finishes in July.
May post later if I can think of anything.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Week Over !!!

Well it's Saturday and the weeks over . Thursday and Friday we had thick frost but today we're back to drizzly rain .
Jamie stayed at his friends last night after work (he's split with his girlfriend Tash - aahhh the pains of young love !!!)
Dave is due back from Goose Bay on Monday night . Was really tired last night and cold so packed Ellie off to bed (she was tired as well) and had an early night myself - no stitching , must crack on with it though .
Have put on a couple of pounds again - not really surprised asI lost such a lot in a short time with that flu last week - still got an annying cough .Found out who got the Hive job that I applied for , not overly surprised as she'd been working in a similar job already.
Some lovely mailart swaps have been posted already on the group - must get a shift on with mine .
Have picked up a couple of phone MS jobs , very straightforward .
We weren't very busy at work this week considering Tracey's off but I suspect that will change next week as there's a CO's inspection on one block and my block has a full course intake.
Ellie has been moved up a level in reading and now has a reading age of 9 !!!
Have put aside Kiterunner as the subject is a bit heavy and started some 'chicklit' instead.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wednesday 12th

Well yesterday went quite well as far as Ellie's birthday goes . Her face was a picture when she saw her scooter - I wish I'd had the camera handy. The cake was good as well - Chocolate coated chocolate swiss roll with sweets on as a caterpillar - shame there was only me and her to appreciate it !!!!
The weather again was awful yesterday , gale force winds and rain . Today was a lot calmer but it's gone very cold. Ended up having an hours sleep with Ellie yesterday evening as we were both cold and tired , she's so cuddly , like a little teddy bear !
Did some stitching but the frog visited so I stopped in the end - think my eyes where tired . Got an email from Dave - he said one of the aircraft has gone u/s so they may be delayed - why am I noy surprised ?!!!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Happy Monday !!!

Euch !!! what a horrible day . The rain was heaving down this morning . Ellie was fine in wellies and raincoat and my top half was dry but by the time I got to work I was squelching in my shoes and my trousers where soaked through .
Busy day as there where only two of us (usually 4) and the other woman only did her own work whearas I was expected to pick up the slack of the other two plus my own !!!
Got some stitching done last night .
Jamie is going into work for a meeting in a minute (6pm) so I'll see him when I see him. Once Ellie's in bed I can sort her cards and presents .
I'll have a bath while she's having her tea and then when she's in bed I'll sit and stitch till Jamie gets in .

Sunday, January 09, 2005

First Rambling

Well here I am , everybody else was blogging so I decided to as well.
I've got a busy stitching schedule at the moment , a sampler for Pam of Wild-Hearts Designs USA and an envelope for a Mailart exchange I'm in . On the back burner is my 'The Heir' which I'm itching to get back to .
Reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini at the moment for my book club .
I've been off work ill the past week with this awful flu bug - it wiped me completely and I've lost a bit of weight.
It's Ellie's fifth birthday on Tuesday - bought the cake yesterday. Dave is in Goose Bay till the 17th so again no party arranged maybe we'll do it one year !!!!
Jamie had Thursday off college as well as he'd been ill.
Back to work tomorrow - dread to think what I'll find !!!!