Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hurray forthe hols !!!!

Well it's here at last , after a manic few weeks I'm on holiday.

The work situation is still up in the air as all the directors have been busy with an important aquisition which has just been achieved , FF hasn't given me my review . I had to arrange a champagne lunch for everyone for today but I won't be there as I really didn't want to go in on my day off . On Saturday we travel to Norfolk for our holiday . A little fisherman's cottage by the beach in a non-touristy village.

Jamie is settled into his new job although we're still subsidising him as he doesn't get paid till the end of September !!!

I'm still stitching away on my RR - this ones over one and I really have to concentrate and am using my magnifier - very tiring but I hope the outcome will be worth it

This is our cottage

a couple of minutes down to the beach -

We're taking the note book and dongle but notsure about reception so may or may not post.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

A peaceful weekend

DH and Ellie have been Imp hunting in Lincoln all weekend so it's been quiet.

I managed to get some stitching done

it's Quaker heart by Kelly Searles you can't really tell on this but I'm using 14ct oatmeal rustico aida and Les fils Pomme de Pin in Le Feu de Bridget variegated red
I managed to finish my presentations on Friday so it just remains for FF to aprove them !!!
two weeks to the holiday and hospital again next Thursday.
trying to stay upbeat at the moment but the tooth was a set back.
Ah well
- onwards and upwards !!!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

yet another set back

Well yesterday at work was again a good day - worked solid and got on okay with FF who even bought me a massive double choc chip cookie !!!!
However , last night I went to the dentist - a lovely gentle Polish man - and he proceeded to remove my poor broken tooth (no chance of a patch!!!) I have for obvious reasons been given antibiotics but he wants me to stop my medication (steroids and immunodepressants ) No way José !!!!!!
Been awake since 2.30 and popped some Paracetamol , tempted to ring in sick but got meeting with FF to review progress on tasks so far so won't , might just fall asleep in the loo instead!!!
Got out some sewing but can't concentrate hence on the computer instead
Can't eat properly but might get some porridge down at least.

Monday, August 03, 2009

They say it comes in threes !!!!

Well I woke this morning to find I'd lost half my tooth !!! It was mostly filling anyway so it must have worked it's way loose and I've swallowed it .The good news is that I've found an NHS dentist quite local that's taking on new patients so as I was working today DH was despatched to pick up forms and he got one for himself while he was there. I hope to get an appointment by the end of the week as there's a spiky bit which was rubbing on my tongue today. I was tempted to put a temp filling in but thought better as it would probably cause removal problems so instead I've put a piece of chewing gum over it which seems to have worked . Hospital tomorrow (old hospital just to touch base so no blood tests etc but will ask about bone scan) Needless to say couldn't really concentrate at work with pain, but as FF is back tomorrow while I'm off and 'Santas little helper' (the temp who's after my job) is in situ I had to make the effort and worked on my presentations.
It occured to me that I didn't post pictures from the retreat, so here are a few

This was the view on my morning walk
the style of quilt I'm aiming for using my jellyroll - not ready for photos yet though

An Idea I'd like to try but maybe with appliqued butterflies or dragonflies - we'll see - I don't think I'm that clever.
Anyway I've got some stitching to go yet. DH is taking DD to Lincoln this weekend so I may do some more while they're away - we'll see

Sunday, August 02, 2009

A minor set back

Well Friday was a really good day at work - I really was on a roll. I presented my project and asked for everybody's thoughts and ideas at the end of the breakfast briefing and raised a page for discussion on the company intranet and I got good feed back almost straight away . So will into completing my tasks. Problem was that as the day for on my hip became more painful and had to get DH to pick me up at the end of the day . Went straight to bed with some Paracetamol and codeine the pain was that bad. I slept most of the evening and well into late morning. The pain has subsided but I'm worried that its a new twist to the health thing.
On another note , here are some of the pieces I've completed recently - these where for the round robin I'm in
What do you think ? Not sure what the next one is - just have to wait and see.. This leaves me with a little time to do my own thing - which one to choose ?