Sunday, March 06, 2005

March already !!!

It's been ages since I last posted as it seems to have been really busy in the last month .
The saddest thing was that a Hercules went down in Iraq killing a 10 man crew , two who I knew personally . The whole village was in mourning as well as the camp and amidst the visits of The Queen , Princess Ann and Geoff Hoon and various forces dignitaries , we where very busy. There are still flowers outside the main gate .
In the last couple of weeks the weather has turned very cold and we've even had some snow although it's not settled here but other parts of the UK have had lots.
It was our wedding anniversary on the third ( 19 years !!!) and Dave bought me an ipod shuffle - really clear and easy to use.
Mother's Day today and I got card's from Jamie and Ellie and some lavender aromatherapy candles.
Had to send the piece of model stitching that I was doing for one designer unfinished as I knew I wouldn't hit the deadline.
Am doing another one though for another designer and it's coming along nicely .
Started my computer course again but have hit a hiccup as I ran out of printer ink - will sort that tomorrow .
Dave is in Cyprus till Thursday (flew out yesterday) doing Hockey.
His trip to New York was cancelled so he was in a bit of a mood before he went .
I'm on leave till Wednesday as we have to take our leave before the end of the month or lose it.
Phew ! think that's everything for now .
Oh , nearly forgot , I finished my mailart for Nancy and she's had it now so I can post pictures

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