Sunday, August 21, 2005

I've been a bad girl !!!!!

Okay so it's been ages since I last blogged again . I've been working on salad bar prep since the beginning of June and have enjoyed it but have now had to admit defeat - I really can't fit in all the necessary prep and serve and do breakfast prep and sandwiches in 6 hours a day !!!! Also I don't get any breaks and it's knackering me so I finish September 2nd then I have a two week break (unpaid) and start as an accommodation cleaner again.
Ellie goes back to school on the 1st and Jamie back to college on the 8th .
Dave seems settled in his new job and we have a new puppy !!!!!
Jasper is a black Labrador born 15 May . We went on holiday on 28th to Mundesley and when we came back , picked him up from Sally on the 8th . He's due his second jab at the end of this week when we''ll be able to take him out for walks.
As far as stitching goes , I'm getting nowhere fast - doing bits out of different pieces depending how the mood takes me . I'm still finishing a mailart piece for a birthday in July then I've got another birthday and an Autumn one to do .
Wips at the moment are Shakespeare , Just Nan's Noah's Ark and I've been getting together the fixings for 'Mary Queen of Scots '(Charland) and Sulgrave Sampler .

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