Monday, March 15, 2010

Where do I start ?

It's been ages since I actually did an update (I'm enjoying the storytelling though).So what's happened , hmmm ? Well I finished a mailart for a birthday and the recipient liked it - must post some pictures . Have finished two decorations long overdue (should have been for December / January but was unable to get stuffing as I didn't want to buy it online and have been working extra hard).
Completed a smoking cessation course and am now a qualified counsellor, had more people joined the diet course at work which again involves encouragement and counselling also doing more BP checks and lifestyle counselling (can you see a trend here ?) The shop is still really quiet and we're hoping business will pick up as worse case scenario - we'll close. I haven't stopped job hunting as I really would like to work less hours and/or less travelling.Have had an interview that looked really good but in the end didn't come to anything , ah well , there's still time.
Health wise , have a barking cough that I can't get shut of and had a couple of bad falls (pure clumsiness)resulting in bruised knees and shins and a lovely black eye !!
My baby boy is engaged to a lovely girl and last night for Mothers day we all went out for an 'all you can eat' Chinese buffet with her parents. Lovely evening with very good company - well pleased.
And now from some more news - my sister - we fell out many years ago and she sent me an abusive letter, whereby I decided it wasn't worth the hassle and I'd get on with my life with my 'now' family - has contacted me through facebook. It seems she has divorced , moved down here (she was in Manchester) with a new partner and not only gone back to her maiden name (as I did between marriages) but changed her first name as well !!! She hasn't told me the full story yet but I'm sure she will as she wants to meet up. I'm taking deep breaths here as I feel very uncomfortable about this , don't know what to think .
Anyway , the other thing is that I've worked three Saturdays in a row and although I got the Wednesday's off in lieu , it made me feel very tired. Working next Saturday again as well !!!
Will be posting more Magpie tales so those that're following these - stay tuned !!!


Erna said...

Hi Jan loved the story, hope you and your sister will get together again.

Karan said...

Sounds like work is keeping you busy. Sorry to hear about the falls & cough - hope you feel much better soon (((((hugs))))). Congratulations to your DS & glad the meal went well. :0)
Hope the situation with your DSis resolves itself in the best way for all concerned.