Friday, November 05, 2010

New Month New Me !!!

Well not exactly but with the knockbacks on the jobtrail , I have felt the need to recheck my image. I'm up against these glam young things and although I may win on experience , no-one wants to look at an old hag every day , do they ?
So the make up and hair has been revamped and I decided my beauty regime needed re-thinking. Mum was always an advocate of soap and water , nivea cream in the winter and vaseline for lips and eyebrows - all very well if you have a naturally young looking skin like hers but some of us need a bit of help . Sooooo I decided to for once listen to the hype - I can't afford to 'take to the knife' so I needed something affordable and easy to use. That's where Olay Total effects Wake Up Wonder came in . I've been using it for a couple of months now and I can honestly say it has made a difference . The baggage round my eyes has lessened and my skin looks smoother and brighter. It's certainly worked for me and before you ask , get your own cause ain't nobody gonna take my 'lift' away from me , lol !!!


Erna said...

Hello Jan ,thanks for the tip, I'm on my way to Scotland right now and my first stop will be Boots :)

Karan said...

Might just try some of that out because the bags under my eyes are starting to look like a full set of luggage! LOL

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Thank you for dropping by and for the beauty tips - I shall look out for that cream, as I'm currently trying to revamp too, and my eye-wrinkles are getting a bit much... Thank you!

You inspire me, reading about how you're getting on and getting by, given what life has chucked your way, Jan. Bless you.

Can't wait to hear your news, and (you're far too young to be a granny!) - Good luck with the new arrival! Fhi xxx