Saturday, March 07, 2009

Funny old game !!

Life that is.
This week started off not good . FF is still harrassing me over a project whereby I'm meant to be moving a set of documents from one database to another . This had all been organised between myself and the girl who is the database administrator and then he stuck his oar in and has been bombarding me with emails about it ever since. I have now reached the stage whereby my final reply email is going to say - I no longer want to look after this data please find someone else to do it or indeed do it yourself., but I need to say this in a way that I will not be construed as being insubordinate as I'm sure he will use it as an excuse to formally warn me - what to do !!!
On anther note , got home Monday to a letter from Bristol eye hosital cancelling my Thursday appointment and remaking it for April. I'd already got my rail ticket and booked the day off work s I decided to play hookey. I spent a lovely spring day in Bath.Frosty but sunny it was lovely and so relaxing . I viewed the new Jamie Oliver restaurant but the queue put me off the menu looked nice though - may try there some time when I'm with the other half and can be bothered to queue.
Went instead to my favourite Parisienne cafe for a cappuccino and an apple cake and witnessed some colourful 'Anglo-Saxon' language being bandied about by the staff - good job Ellie wasn't with me. Stopped at watersones to pick up a book and just to browse for a while - I do love just relaxing amongst books , even the smell of new books makes me feel good.
I spent some time browsing in my favourite patchwork shop as well and picked up a couple of things for the retreat in Muncaster - only a couple of weeks to go
Just realised that this will be the longest that Ellie and I have been apart. DH will have to cope with her hair etc as it's a school week. My birthday falls while I'm there which was a reason I booked it . I hit the big 50 last year and was unable to take time off to celebrate properly as ff had already - very selfishly knowing it was a special birthday for me- already booked leave and refused to swap so I got in early this year. Can you guess how much more I dislike the man by the day ?
Back to Bath - I wandered through my favourite herb and perfume shops and bought some sausages from the sausage shop. Finally made my way home not feeling the least bit guilty. Told work that Bristol had cancelled my appt at the last minute - not strictly true but 'c'est la vie'.
I have another hospital appt Tuesday in Swindon - wonder if that'll go ahead ?


A Woman Of No Importance said...

I am sending you kudos for having a creative day - It's not your fault you've been messed around with the appointment - All the best with that and hope you enjoy your snausages, Jan1 x

Mylene said...

Hope it's getting better at work for you. Take care.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

I love the smell of new books too! An unexpected day out is always a treat.

GB said...

I hope that ff doesn't read your blog!

Good luck on Tuesday.

Jan said...

Thanks folks for being there for me .
This was last week GB so the Tuesday has gone but it was okay . I have fluid still in my eye but I don't need to be seen at that hospital till May , I'm at the eye hospital on the 6th of April (this was the appt that was cancelled) No FF doesn't read my blog - he wouldn't know how to find it - nobody at work knows about it

GB said...

Oops. Silly me. I should remember to read dates. Glad it was ok on Tuesday. I'll have to delve into your past postings to catch up with things.

Scriptor Senex said...

The blogging world may have 40,000,000 bloggers (I wonder who counts them) but it's still a small world. I found your blog because you follow GB (and he's my brother) so I thought I'd see who you were. And now, hey presto, I find we even went to the same pub as youngsters.

So I wouldn't bet against someone at work finding it!!!!