Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have You Missed Me?

Hello patient followers , sorry I haven't written in a while but my 'puter is seriously ill to the point of terminal. I have just agreed with a little man in a call centre in Casablanca (I'm not making this up and it's a well known company which I won't name and shame until I have my new system up and running) to hand over copious amounts of money in exchange for a shiny new 'puter. I've been able to read blogs and email but it's very slow . I fared better at work but could only do that during lunch hour.
So , lots to tell .
On the health front, I had my appointment with the occupational health doctor (FF made this appointment as part of my report) . He was very nice and I fear that it's going to back fire on FF as one of the things he said was that I haven't been taking enough time off when I have a flare up - the usual time off is six weeks and I'm probably not giving my body time to heal when I only take 2 days off !!!!!
I have been 'playing the game' and being an extremely good girl at work (simper , simper) but I have also made it known to the powers that be that I want to move jobs - we'll see what happens.
FF is currently away on holiday at his mums in Spain so all is calm and good ,he doesn't return until the 6th and I have a review on the 8th.
Today I had to go for a chest xray as my consultant now feels my uveitis may be linked to sarcoidosis I also need more blood tests.
On the needlework front I'm finishing my piece for a round robin and I have two mailarts on the go one for Michelle of Little Rabbit Blog and one for my mailart group for which the theme is butterflies.
I've also been a naughty girl and acquired two new patterns - Chatelaine's 'Mermaid Box and toys' and Giulia Manfredini's Halloween Sewing Set. I've started my Tempus Fugit stitchalong and done some more of my jellyroll quilt that I started on the retreat.
We've found a wonderful Italian restaurant that makes it's own ice cream and does specials of pasta or pizza at lunch times.
Jamie was 21 on the 23rd (St Georges Day and the birth and death of Will Shakespeare (or so the myth would have you believe)
I read a really interesting book which revolved around John Dee ( scientist and philosopher in QE 1 and King James' time , magic , religious persecution and cellular memory in transplant patients - very good book.Just finished the latest Kathy Reichs 'Devil Bones' slightly disappointing - not as pacy as usual .Dave is away in Aldershot umpiring hockey so my choice of food is 'eclectic'
Anyway ,I'm stopping here as I want to watch Emmerdale
Take care peeps !


A Woman Of No Importance said...

Missed you, schmissed you! Look what you accomplished - loads, and even watching TV!

Good luck with all the medical nonsense and jibber-jabbery - You were missed, Jan! x

Karan said...

You've been busy! Hope all goes OK with the tests. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jan

You has been busy! I hope that everything goes well with your studies and I would love to see mailart!
All the best for you

Maria del Valle