Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rose Coloured Glasses

I can actually boast owning a pair of these. They're round gold framed John Lennon style (as a true Scouser whose big sis once dated Paul McCartney's brother I have a tentative claim to fame there) I've also got an octagonal blue glass pair and oval plain glass. None of them are proper glasses , just fashion statements.
The past couple of weeks where wonderful apart from the useless computer connection as FF was on holiday. Lots of people at work remarked on how much more relaxed I seemed. I dealt with all problems (including a broken toilet seat in the men's loo !!!) But now he's back with a vengeance !!!!
I had my chest xray last week - no news is good news ?
Last Saturday we had a lovely day out at Longleat - the weather was good and it took the whole day . The only disapointment was that the monkey enclosure was closed as one of the monkeys has an aids related virus so they are all in isolation for the moment.
In the house I was taken back to my (misspent?) youth as on the walls were poems of Brian Patten a poet I read avidly when I was doing my angst bit.
We had a lovely meal in an unusual local pub on the Monday (Bank Holiday) I had sea food pancakes but unfortunately I was very ill afterwards as my IBS kicked in big time.
Wednesday FF returned. I was supposed to have my review yesterday but at the last minute he postponed it till Tuesday - not pleased . I'd worked my self up for it having been told that my pay rise review was delayed because of it by the director who handed me my share options at the same time - I was very close to telling him where he could shove them but I stopped myself.
Another blow is the continuing saga of my new computer not arriving - needless to say I have had long and lengthy words about this and am not happy - due on Monday - we will see.
On a lighter note sent off my round robin with dragon stitched and received a round robin witha cow - need to source a pattern.
I'm watching the wonderful Bill Bailey at the moment and his unique take on the orchestra - I love him.
Hospital on Monday - wonder what joy's they'll throw at me this time ?


Karan said...

Wonder if your colleagues realised more relaxed you wass directly relevant to missing FF? Longleat trip sounds like fun, despite the missing monkies. :0) Hope all goes well at the hospital visit.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I long (no pun intended!) to visit Longleat - to see those lovely animals and the house, and hopefully the lord himself - What a character...

I understand your computer is doing your head in, my dahlink - Hang on in there! x