Thursday, August 06, 2009

yet another set back

Well yesterday at work was again a good day - worked solid and got on okay with FF who even bought me a massive double choc chip cookie !!!!
However , last night I went to the dentist - a lovely gentle Polish man - and he proceeded to remove my poor broken tooth (no chance of a patch!!!) I have for obvious reasons been given antibiotics but he wants me to stop my medication (steroids and immunodepressants ) No way José !!!!!!
Been awake since 2.30 and popped some Paracetamol , tempted to ring in sick but got meeting with FF to review progress on tasks so far so won't , might just fall asleep in the loo instead!!!
Got out some sewing but can't concentrate hence on the computer instead
Can't eat properly but might get some porridge down at least.

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