Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hurray forthe hols !!!!

Well it's here at last , after a manic few weeks I'm on holiday.

The work situation is still up in the air as all the directors have been busy with an important aquisition which has just been achieved , FF hasn't given me my review . I had to arrange a champagne lunch for everyone for today but I won't be there as I really didn't want to go in on my day off . On Saturday we travel to Norfolk for our holiday . A little fisherman's cottage by the beach in a non-touristy village.

Jamie is settled into his new job although we're still subsidising him as he doesn't get paid till the end of September !!!

I'm still stitching away on my RR - this ones over one and I really have to concentrate and am using my magnifier - very tiring but I hope the outcome will be worth it

This is our cottage

a couple of minutes down to the beach -

We're taking the note book and dongle but notsure about reception so may or may not post.


Karan said...

Boy, he sure does know how to leave you hanging doesn't he? Horrible man.
Hope the weather is kind & you have a lovely holiday. Love the look of the cottage. :0)

Mylene said...

Enjoy your holiday!!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Have a lovely holiday Jan! The cottage looks wonderful.

Joke said...

Enjoy your holiday and take a good rest :)