Monday, November 23, 2009

Two weeks gone already

Well , I'm into the work routine and it's okay - the long hours and bus travel is not fun so I'm still looking for work closer to home. New boss seems okay and workmates are nice. Business is terribly quiet at the moment but will pick up once people know we're here. Some trouble with local children but we've told the police. Hospital tomorrow and I start my Hep B course. Arm still sore from swine flu jab and I feel a bit 'fluey' at the moment . Got some stitching done (finished the RR at last) . It's so dark with the weather that I'm having problems seeing to stitch


Sheilasembroidery said...

Your arm should improve soon, I had mine last week and feel fine now so had my normal flu jab yesterday. Hope business picks up soon.

Karan said...

It does stop aching, as my DH can attest to. Hope the bother with the kids stops soon, that business picks up & the Hep B course goes OK.