Monday, January 18, 2010

My baby boys all growed up !!!!

Last night I got a text from my first born to say that he'd asked his girlfriends dad for permission to get engaged to her !!!!I'm speechless - not by the action of getting engaged , more by the fact that he's suddenly become traditional.
It was my little girl's 10th birthday last Monday . Oh please, please slow down world - where have the years gone ?
On another note , Wednesdays snow resulted in a bad fall on the way to work in which I twisted my knee and badly bruised my hip so I was home quaffing pain killers Wednesday , Thursday.Friday I got up to go to work and ended up hugging the big white telephone - may have been a reaction between tabs and painkillers - so didn't go in then either. My boss flew off to India yesterday to see his family and be thoroughly spoilt - I fully expect him to come back 4 stone heavier.Today is hospital day hope I get a gentle blood sucker today. Tomorrow we have our shops grand opening . As I was off at the end of the week , I couldn't help with the prep and it doesn't bode good that boss is away and we have a locum in situ . The Mayor is coming and all head office dignitary. Wednesday I have to travel again to Bristol (hospital there today) this time for area office meeting.
Snow has all gone and we now have rain and flood warnings - happy , happy , joy , joy !!!


Maureen said...

congrats on your son's engagement. I know what you mean about time going by so quick, my dd will be ten this year and it only seems yesterday she was 3 or 4.

hope the shop opening went well.

Karan said...

Ouch! So hope you are feeling less battered & sick now. Gentle (((((hugs))))). Congratulations to your DS & belated Happy Birthday wishes to your DD. Hope all goes well at the hospital & for the grand opening & meeting. :0)

Erna said...

Hallo Jan, hope all's better now.
Take care
Big hug

Mylene said...

Hope you are feeling much better now and that the opening went well.
Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter and congrats to your son.