Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh what a week !!!

Well , glad that's over and not all in a bad way.
Monday I went to the hospital - good news , the eye is getting better , my preds have been lowered and I've lost more weight (must start doing regular sessions on the Wii fit)I still have a lovely bruise from my bloods but I suppose you can't have everything ?
Tuesday was the grand opening and everything went brilliantly . The food (I ordered it while I was off ill so wasn't sure about it) was enjoyed and commented on by everyone. The Mayor and his driver where lovely and I even tried on his chain !!!! The owner of the business came down from head office with a couple of others and all where impressed. The cake (with logo) was lovely. We had a class of kiddies from the nursery class at the school and they where quite edible in their gourgeousness !!!!
So all in all went really well.
Wednesday went to a meeting at area office - wouldn't you know it , it was snowing again !!!!! Useful day - met people friom other shops to put faces to names , learnt some very useful info about how the business is run (? ran - not sure).
Thursday , Friday back to normal - supposedly ! I have a locum while my boss is living it up in India and although he's a lovely man , he is very slow and has over ordered loads of dressings , bandages etc which I had to return. He has also upset the nurses and generally caused chaoes and is away for his lunch dead on 1 and away home dead on 6 even if there is still work waiting. So needless to say, I have been working my socks off which is not a bad thing but I have not been able to keep up with my own work and I have him for another week. We worked together half day yesterday (Saturday) and I still didn't finish what I wanted to do.
I'm off tomorrow (day off in lieu of Saturday) and intend to get second Hep B jab and some socks and knickers for Ellie and I in town .I have ordered a new phone - a blackberry curve - which should come tomorrow. I have loads of stitching to do and I got the Cath Kidson book 'sew' with the makings of a bag, this week so want to get that started (need to pick up some heavy duty stitching thread first though)
Still working our way through Christmas chocolate but being sensible (don't ask how I can put the words 'sensible' and 'chocolate' in the same sentence !!!!)
Last but not least , thanks everyone who has taken the trouble to comment on my blog or even just stop by. I can't always reply on your blogs for some reason (Erma and Manic Moms come to mind) so please don't think I haven't tried.
Take care


Erna said...

Hi Jan you've had quite a busy week.Glad your health is better.Wish I could lose some weight, but that's my own fault,I'm eating too much.Love Cath Kidston.
Some more people have problems with my weblog don't know what the problem is
Enjoy your day off

Mylene said...

Glad to hear everything went well.

Maureen said...

sounds like it's been pretty busy with you.

now explain - how do you still have Christmas chocolate in the house lol! ours is always gone by new year ..

Karan said...

A hectic week but it does sound like it's agreed with you - your post so happy & upbeat. :0) Great news about your eye - hope it continues to improve - & well done on the weight loss. :0)
I am about to discover the joys of a Wii Fit & hope to improve my fitness for our next holiday - want to do a lot more hiking this year. :0)