Sunday, January 30, 2011

So , how's it going ?

Well it's ages since I last posted .
My son 'threw a moody' round the New year and came home for a few days but he went back and sorted things out and all seems to be quiet.
My granddaughter is growing beautifully from what I hear (I've only seen her the once but that's their choice and they have to sort their lives as it works for them).
My daughter had her 11th birthday and will be changing schools in the summer.
I've been working hard in the new job and have to attend a 2 day meeting in London in two weeks time. The hotel looks good and there is an important dinner to attend.
Stitching slowly and steadily - nothing to show at the moment.
It's very cold here and my bed is so warm and comfortable , I hate leaving it.
I've just got a kindle for my birthday ? the beginning of a new love ! We bought my daughter one for her birthday and she loves it.
I've been getting a fresh fruit and veg delivery from a farm and trying to encourage the family to eat more - it's working for my daughter and myself - very slowly for my husband.
And so the year unwinds with new beginnings and fresh ideas .


the fly in the web said...

I've just been introduced to mola...layered applique work in you know it?

Jan said...

Have't heard of it before but googled it and I love the bright colours - interesting technique are you going to put any pictures of your work on your blog ?

the fly in the web said...

I've found a class...but it doesn't start until May.
In the meantime I'm going round trying to distinguish between the real stuff and the tourist's quite an education for the eyes!

Erna said...

Good to hear from you again Jan, must have been a hard time with children doing the things their ways...Lovely to hear your granddaughter is doing so fine..
I'm not yet into the kindle....
Hugs from a cold and dull Amsterdam

kevin blumer said...

i dont like london its just to big and to expensive been threw it a few times the one place i wouldnt work is london

Linda said...

I had a little peek at your granddaughter. She is beautiful. I hope you are enjoying your new job and that you have a good time in London. I know what you mean about leaving your nice warm bed in the winter. I hate to leave mine too. My sister does needlepoint.
Men are always slow to eat the green stuff, aren't they? Keep working on it. Kudos to you for trying!
Here's to new beginnings and fresh ideas. Cheers.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Lovely to hear from you Jan! I hope you are having a lovely Spring and enjoying your job.

We love fresh fruit and veg here at Necky Knoll House. Especially sprouts, though Necky Becky refuses to eat them!