Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can't believe how long it's been !!

And so much has happened .
First of all I've not seen any more of my granddaughter since she was born. DS split from her mother and is back home.He is back with the girlfriend he was with before Ava's mother.So sad.
Job is going well and the London meeting went very well. The hotel was a lovely 'boutique hotel' and the meeting was held in a 'state of the art' complex.I'm due to go to London again next month for another meeting .
The ongoing eye problem went through a very scary phase which was partly the reason for my not posting (if I don't talk about it, it can't be true !!!)
It was decided that the teeny weeny freckle on the back of my eye had changed slightly so I was referred to Moorfields Oncology clinic and so went into a 'what if' contemplation.All turned out well though and am back to my 'normal' hospital appointments in Bristol.
My 25th wedding anniversary came and went without comment as did my birthday and Mothers day - never mind.
My needlework is going slowly and steadily - been going through a bit of an uninterested phase due to tiredness and kindle-love


Cristina said...

Well comeback. When there either a lot in our hands or the health doesn't help, posting gets postponed and one day we realise how long it's been.

Karan said...

Wow, you have had a lot going on lately, both good & bad. Hope DS & ex manage to sort things out, so you get to see your DGD more often. Belated Congratulations on the new job - hope all is going well. :0)