Monday, March 12, 2012

Almost a Year !!!!

And I have no real excuse for not blogging except I didn't want to tempt fate !
I know, mad as it is with things going well I wanted to cuddle into my happy place and stay there . However as a 'blog friend' ( In New Zealand at present also blogs from the Hebrides - you know who you are !) worried about my absence , here i am
The proverbial 'Bad Penny' .
So what's been happening in my little world (love that song 'come fill my little world right up, right up')
My errant son is settled in a cottage with his original girlfriend engaged and both working - wish I could see my granddaughter but hey - that's life and maybe one day.
My daughter has become the typical tweenager with all the added attitude , angst and fun. My husband still doesn't know what the future holds as MOD are being slow with a descision.
My dog is being a dog and cares little for day to day woes as long as he's fed and loved and has his teddy to cuddle.
My job is going well post upheavels (I'm still standin' yeah , yeah , yeah)
I've joined a knit and bitch club every Thursday lunch time and my assessments have been good.
I'm almost finished on a cardigan and knitting a fluffy heart and I'm called on to help other learner knitters so lovin it.
Needlework is slow but steady as dodgy eye plays up regularly.
Am ready to work on my quilt again - have to be in right mood.
Off to stitch Knit at Olympia with daughter next week , looking forward to window shopping (mid month so restraints needed)
Until next time - mwah !


the fly in the web said...

Nice to hear from you again - life gets a bit full sometimes, doesn't it....

GB said...

So good to see you back and know what's happening. I hope that all goes well for you and yours. Do you know that you may not be the most frequent blogger that I know but I've never come across anyone who has been on blogger for such a long time.

You are also the only other person I know who mentioned Meatloaf in Favourite Music.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Sending you Season's Greetings from Necky Knoll House, and wishing you a nexcellent New Year!

Mylene said...

Hello Jan,
You are the winner of the Valentine giveaway and you didn't leave an e-mail address..i do hope you will see this note and send me your address as i want to send it out so you'll rec. in time for Valentime.