Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Must think positive thoughts

Last week was a very bad week which culminated in a slanging match with FF on Friday . I almost just put my coat on and walked out - I didn't but it was close . He suffers from 'small man syndrome' big time and there's no easy way of getting over it . My problem is I cry when I'm angry so defeating any good argument I have . His problem is he's a snidey little creep and that isn't going to change.
On the good side I managed to almost finish my model stitching - little bit of back stitch left so may get it into the post this week.I've also almost finished the stitching on my swap piece for the March retreat and will just need to finish it off - not quite decided how though.
The snow has gone and the weather is milder - I'm actually wearing a skirt !!!!!! This was remarked upon with surprise at work yesterday (It's often more practical to wear trousers as I have to crawl under desks checking connections on the computers) It's weird wearing tights but I'm getting used to it .We had two big important meetings yesterday - the company is on the up which is good news in this recession. We're actually interviewing two new staff today !
Can't wait for the retreat next month but dread coming back as FF always takes things or moves things around on my desk.
I've started keeping a timesheet to prove exactly what I do in a day - childish I know but I think it needs to be done.He was very smarmy yesterday and trying to be 'best friends' as if nothing had happened - I hate that . I just got on with my work and kept my head down.


Mylene said...

(((big hugs))) Jan. Hope the rewst of the week gets better for you.

Clare - Aimetu said...

(((hugs))) Jan - chin up and take pride in knowing you do a great job and other people's comments are usually because of their own insecurities :)

Mylene said...

oh my, now i noticed my mistake of my last comment, sorry about that Jan.
I just want to say, hope today went better for you.

Jan said...

Thanks Mylene - I don't think it can get any worse !!!
Thanks Clare at the moment I'm just doing my job quietly and going home at the end of the day - not brilliant but I need the job unfortunately.

Barry said...

Tough day. Tough situation with no easy solution.

Glad to hear things are going well at work though. In this economic times that is almost a miracle.

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

A friend of mine, who also cried when she least wanted to, was told to 'stand tall and clench your buttocks'!! It may only be that it gives you something else to think about, but it did work for her!