Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sssshhhhhh ! listen to the snow

Well Sundays here again and it's been a snowy week here. I was off on sick leave in an attempt to get my immune system back to near normal . I've still got (or maybe it's 'got again' - who knows?) a bad cough and yucky nose but it's back to work tomorrow anyway. Ellie was home from school either early or in the latter part of the week off completely because of the snow. I've spent a lot of time snuggled in bed either reading or stitching - my bedroom is the whole of the back of the house and has a big window which gives excellent stitching light. Almost finished the model stitch piece - on the back stitching at the moment.Dave's gone to hockey at Fairford - they reckon it's clear enough.
We're forecast more snow tomorrow night . Tried to get a Tesco delivery from last Wednesday on with no success at all so gave up.
We've had no post since Thursday. Jamies been staying at his friends house .
Not looking forward to the journey to work tomorrow .
Actually feel a bit 'stir crazy' at the moment but not going out as chest is still a bit sore with coughing.
Need to sort my stash for next month's retreat - I'm doing the jellyroll quilt class so need quilting bitties as well as my needlework stuff . I'm not down for any other classes as I just want to relax and stitch I'll probably work on my Mary Busby sampler and takea few small's with me as well.


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oooh Tesco Delivery, I can only dream of that fact I feel a blog post coming on so thanks for the inspriation.

Jan said...

I'll make you jealous again then - my Tesco delivery is due today !!! DH does most of my shopping these days as I work full time in town and don't drive and although he's paid full time he physically goees to work a few hours a week so he has the bulk of childcare as well!!!
I did my bit withh DS while DH wa in the RAF and away a lot and I was a SAHM with DD until she started school at 4