Monday, May 25, 2009

Thoughts and worries

I've been off work all week since last Friday - I had a really bad IBS attack so bad I was scared to move too far from a toilet. I fear FF will not understand but there is little I can do about that as it happened and I stayed home . Doc gave me yet more tabs - these are anti-spasmodics and appear to help a bit. Back to work and the wrath of FF tomorrow.While I've been off I've spent the time (to no avail) trying to sort my broadband so I may well be signing up with someone new shortly . My sparkling new vista computer is good but I'm having to use mobile broadband to connect which is so slow and intermittent it's driving me potty. I've got some stitching done and got the sewing machine out and done some more of my quilt so been a bit productive.
My little veg crop is doing well - Carrots, potato's, Tomato's, jalapenos, spinach ,beans, lettuce and chives .
Watching Britains got talent and have to say , I don't think Susan did as well singing 'Midnight' as she did on the original audition - I can't help feeling she got through because of the publicity wagon - I know folk will argue but that's my feelings.
Not yet tried loading photo's to this puter but will maybe play this week.
Friend Barry the traveller (with dog Lindsay) is starting some nasty chemo tomorrow so my thoughts are with him. We all deal with these things in our own ways but I know he has the strength and support to get through this.
Phina is back at work and I love reading her blogs - I feel like a twin to her , our thoughts are so alike. Mwah Phina my love and I'm visiting you for strength.
Lets see what tomorrow brings ?!!!


Barry said...

Very nice of you to think of me in the midst of everything you're going through.

Our growing season is obviously far behind yours. We will just be planting our vegetable garden next week.

By the way Susan is makig headlines on our National news here in Canada everytime she performs.

Karan said...

Sending lots of healing thoughts your way & also for your friend Barry.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

You are a twin, my love, especially now you're back and about among us - How are you doing, petal? Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment - I have enjoyed my stay in Liverpool, definitely, and what memories you have evoked too, of Lucien and his sweet rabbits!

Why aren't you blogging, you slacker??!

Take care, sweetie - I hope you're stitching happily instead, and that you are feeling better...

Love to you,

Fhi xxx

Sheilasembroidery said...

Hope you are on the mend now and that 'puter problems are solved