Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been a long, long time

Hello my faithful peeps.
I'm back - I have my sparkly computer up and running well and a brand new broadband server so we'll see how things go .
On the health front things have been up and down - just recovered from suspected swine flu - Doc doesn't know for sure as he said it was too expensive to do the proper blood test.
Hospital Wednesday as eye is in flare up again - was threatened with eye injection again but defrayed the attack !!!
Work is not good - on final warning pending the sack , have two weeks to complete a project to FF's satisfaction. Have wonderful support however in shape of friend and colleague who accompanied me to meeting (she was the HR lady but moved over to accounts so has lots of experience) also lots of colleagues on my side.
Jamie left his job without getting another first !!! But has been taken on as a casual in a hotel near here - big rows between him and DH as you can imagine and he owes both of us money - he's been staying with latest girlfriend a lot I think to keep out of our way.
Ellie has now finished school for the summer and got a really good report.
I have started a new online course - Emotional Intelligence skills - which will hopefully make me more organised and less emotional !!!
Needlework wise I'm still doing a round robin - teapot at the moment. Also started (not got very far on a Jane Greenough piece - a band sampler with some spot sampler elements.
Quilt is on hold for the minute and I hope to crack on with Ellie's Jane Austen dress for the promenade in Bath in September.
Ah well must get ready for work
More later


Clare - Aimetu said...

It is so good to see you back Jan,
(((HUGS)) on the way - hope they help.

Looking forward to seeing Ellie's dress and your stitching progress.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! and good luck Jan!

Maria del Valle