Thursday, July 30, 2009

A little bit of an update

Well , it was hospital yesterday and I spoke to the nurse who was with me on the fateful Monday before coming down with Swine Flu Tuesday - it turns out that she was sent home from work on that Tuesday with suspected swine Flu so there you have it !!!! Who infected who will never be known.
On a positive note my eye was better so I'm tapering the steroids again.
I had my hair cut drastically short before I went to the hospital in an attempt to get rid of all the dry 'mess' that was still lingering since before christmas . I think the tablets have a hand in the bad condition of my hair as well. I think it looks quite smart now but from DH's mutterings , he obviously isn't impressed - c'est la vie !!!
I bought Ellie a new detangle brush - expensive but it promises to 'take the tears out of tangles' - anything for a quiet life.
I must crack on at work with FF's project's - don't remember if I mentioned what they where but they are recycling and training for Fire marshal's and first aiders . Not difficult in themselves but I have a time limit and I must tick every box in his sheet in order to pass and there are a LOT of boxes.
My friend and colleague who came with me to my disciplinary hearing is helping me even though he told her he didn't want her to - personally I don't think he can say that , as long as I do all that he asks then it matters not how I get the thing done ?
I'm a bit hyper at the moment which could be the steroids - swings and roundabouts ? Sometimes I fell so low I need to shut myself away and pull the covers over my head , not at the moment though.
The rain absolutely heaved it down yesterday but it seems a bit brighter today. I need to stitch urgently but can't settle at the moment
Maybe tonight.

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