Friday, July 31, 2009

On a roll

Well , I'm shooting ahead on the project side at work at the moment and have started to work out my presentation. Breakfast briefing this morning - I have a slot at the end to ask for peoples input.
Dave's away this weekend so crack on with homework. Next weekend he's taking Ellie to Lincoln so I'll have some more time to myself - probably get sewing out as opposed to needlework.
The haircut was favourably received at work - the word 'babe' was even bandied about.
Dave has organised Jamie with wet weather suit ,new lights and helmet for his pushbike and dropped him an bike at new job yesterday afternoon (Jamie wasn't back till late last night so don't know how it went) It's bar work in a hotel (big chain) so he finishes quite late.
The rain it did rain yesterday morning but it was sweltering in the afternoon . It's dress down day today so cropped pants and tshirt is choice - hope there is no rain today. I've even painted my toenails a bright shiny blue - feeling positive at the moment. Went into Body Shop yesterday and bought some smellies in the new Moroccan Rose .
feeling positive

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Clare - Aimetu said...

You sound so up beat Jan - it's great :)