Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Back off holiday

Well , that's it for another year !!! It seemed to go so quickly .

The bad news is I spent the first day for three hours in casualty after waking looking as if I'd done ten rounds with Mike Tyson. Turns out I had a spontaneous bleed - down to the drugs / condition. I left casualty looking like one of jack Sparrow's crew. Quickly changed to sun glasses - not so bad as the weather was gorgeous all week so didn't look out of place. So it turned into an easy going lazy week with walks on the beach and plenty of rest for me.

We went to the conservative club ,ate at the Sea marge Hotel and the White Horse pub. We also had a day in Norwich and ate at Waggamammas - a first for DH and Ellie who where both suitably impressed

Then back to rest at the cottgae.
Ah well back to work tomorrow - wonder what FF has done to my desk this time ? !!!!

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Karan said...

Cottage & area look lovely. Always seems to go too quick though. :0)