Saturday, September 05, 2009

Feeling a bit calmer

I've decided to bow to the inevitable. I went to see the solicitor yesterday and she's going to try to negotiate a better settlement. FF has already put a temp in my place and given him all my work. He'd again rearranged my desk while I was away but I put everything back. I'll have to clear it out next week.
I've started to job hunt .had lunch with friend S. who has been with me throughout and supported me. She is angry on my behalf and even went to see the director to try to make him see sense to no avail - ff has won.
Just need to see what the future will bring. Another friend and colleague who has supported me throughout J. gave me his email - wish he had been my manager.
Am booking with the same lady for holiday next year - that'll be something to look forward to.

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Mylene said...

So sorry to hear of what's been going on, Jan. I do hope you will find something better. Take care.