Saturday, February 06, 2010

She's done it again !!!!

This morning a letter arrived addressed to Ellinor from the hallowed halls of English childhood Blue Peter . She's been awarded a Blue Peter Badge for a poem she wrote about the Blue Peter dog Barney.
I yearned for a Blue Peter badge as a child and DH got an inferior (to my mind ) Magpie badge. Well done Ellie.
Now a catch up on the last week or so. I had my Hep B injection without incidence but boy did my arm ache for a couple of days.Yesterday I went on the first day of my Smoking Cessation course - not for me but so that I can set up sessions in the pharmacy. It was very interesting , I have another session next week and we have been given some homework !!!
Although the weather has brightened a little , I still feel cold to my bones - just can't seem to get warm.
Just introduced ellie to the television series 'Lark Rise to Candleford'
and she loved it so may get the books (it's a trilogy based in Oxfordshire / Buckinghamshire an area I lived in while serving in the WRAF)
On the stitching front will probably have a show and tell of something I've stitched next week once it's been received !!!
I got my Blackberry phone and love it !!! The picture quality is excellent so I may put more photos on.
oh well , must get on
Bye for now


Gillie said...

Goodness, I loved that book, read it probably at Ellie's age (10?). A million years ago!

Sorry about the arm :(

Mylene said...

Congratulations to Ellie!!

Have a nice weekend.

Karan said...

WTG Ellinor. Hope your arm is feeling much better soon. The course sounds interesting - hope you get the chance to put it into action. I'm the same with the weather (except for the hot flushes! LOL) - had to buy some thermals! I loved the books & thoroughly enjoy the Larkrise series - the BBC know how to make a good costume drama. :0)