Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ages since my last post !!!

Ages since my last entry so lots of things should have happened !!!!
Dave got back safely from Goose Bay loaded with goodies . I went back to work after my fight with the flu. We had a snowfall but by morning it had gone.
Finished my mailart envelope so will send it out Monday , will put a photo in when it's been received just in case - don't want to spoil the surprise.
Been working flat out at work the past couple of weeks and have felt too tired to do anything when I got home .
Ellie has been punched twice by the same boy at school so I went to see the headmistress yesterday - hope she does something about it.
Ellie had her school disco yesterday - gosh time is flying by.
Dave went for his resettlement course this week - hard to believe he finishes in July.
May post later if I can think of anything.

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