Saturday, January 15, 2005

Week Over !!!

Well it's Saturday and the weeks over . Thursday and Friday we had thick frost but today we're back to drizzly rain .
Jamie stayed at his friends last night after work (he's split with his girlfriend Tash - aahhh the pains of young love !!!)
Dave is due back from Goose Bay on Monday night . Was really tired last night and cold so packed Ellie off to bed (she was tired as well) and had an early night myself - no stitching , must crack on with it though .
Have put on a couple of pounds again - not really surprised asI lost such a lot in a short time with that flu last week - still got an annying cough .Found out who got the Hive job that I applied for , not overly surprised as she'd been working in a similar job already.
Some lovely mailart swaps have been posted already on the group - must get a shift on with mine .
Have picked up a couple of phone MS jobs , very straightforward .
We weren't very busy at work this week considering Tracey's off but I suspect that will change next week as there's a CO's inspection on one block and my block has a full course intake.
Ellie has been moved up a level in reading and now has a reading age of 9 !!!
Have put aside Kiterunner as the subject is a bit heavy and started some 'chicklit' instead.

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