Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wednesday 12th

Well yesterday went quite well as far as Ellie's birthday goes . Her face was a picture when she saw her scooter - I wish I'd had the camera handy. The cake was good as well - Chocolate coated chocolate swiss roll with sweets on as a caterpillar - shame there was only me and her to appreciate it !!!!
The weather again was awful yesterday , gale force winds and rain . Today was a lot calmer but it's gone very cold. Ended up having an hours sleep with Ellie yesterday evening as we were both cold and tired , she's so cuddly , like a little teddy bear !
Did some stitching but the frog visited so I stopped in the end - think my eyes where tired . Got an email from Dave - he said one of the aircraft has gone u/s so they may be delayed - why am I noy surprised ?!!!

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