Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy days

Well , last week was quite busy . I've started studying for my CeFA qualification , but a bit of a viscious circle really. Have paid half but I can't sit the exam until I've paid it all, I can't afford the rest till I'm back in work but I won't be sent for an interview even until I've sat the exam !!!!
I went on a jobseekers seminar which was actually quite useful. It made me think about the jobseeking thing differently and I revamped my CV.
Signed on for the first time yesterday - not as much an ordeal as I expected . Had hospital appointment as well which was positive despite being there more than 2 hours ( they had two try's before getting my blood sample so a bit bruised and battered !!!) . My eye is a lot better but the Dr want's to keep me on 5mg Pred for another couple of months (till next appt) as it's the flu season and my flare ups usually occur when I have an infection.
On another note I have 'two' interviews tomorrow for very different jobs !!! One in the morning and one in the afternoon , so I'm off to get my hair tidied and trimmed today.
Princess Anne visited Ellie's school yesterday
Ellie was in the group singing whenshe arrived and they also did a bell ringing display of which Ellie was the lead bell .
Today Ellie is having a 'taster day' at the senior school even though she has another year before she moves up - her class is mixed and there are children a year older who will move up in September.
Tomorrow they're on half term (already !!!) . Dave will be taking her with him to hockey because I have the two interviews.
So wish me luck for tomorrow peeps.
Take care


Mylene said...

Good luck with the interview.

Maureen said...

Good luck with the interviews - let us know how you get on.