Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lots to say - if you want to 'listen' !!!

I haven't posted in ages because the dreaded 'depression' thing was rearing it's ugly head. I know about this 'cause I suffered quite badly ( culminating in chemical intervention) back in 1998 before fell pregnant with Ellie ( her failure to thrive was a cause for worry as to whether the tabs had affected her ) . I didn't want to go the tab route this time so took to my bed and slept off the problem - it works for me. Yes I'm still B & T but that's me - I harbour grudges.
I had a lovely weekend starting the 18th though when Ellie and i stayed in Bath for the Jane Austen weekend. The plan was for her to join the promenade but I didn't get my act together- despite having both pattern and fabric - to make her dress. So we watched instead.

And Ellie joined the lovely couple in the bottom picture for a photo - maybe next year ? !
The weather was glorious all weekend and there was a really good farmers market in the complex (ex railway station) opposite our hotel. We saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in 3D and ate at TGI Fridays and we went to the Egg theatre and saw the Clever Clogs and the Cunning Princess. Excitement at the hotel Sunday morning at 7.30am when the fire alarm went off - Ell and I rushed out in jammies and coats to be told that somebody had burnt the toast !!!! I managed to lock myself out of my room so had to go back to reception for another keycard still in Jammies !!!!
Life then settled down to daily computer job applications until I signed on Monday just gone. I'm booked into a seminar next week and I've had one unsuccessful interview but lots of 'you have been unsuccessful on this occasion however we where impressed by your CV and will keep you on our books. Now, today all this changed , I won't say more as I'm a bit superstitious but , I may be back in work next month so wish me luck.
Oh, one other thing , I was right about FF , he'd already decided way back I was going - he's taken on 'Santa's little helper' his yes man who washes grapes !!!! I can't do nothing about it although I reckon if I hadn't signed the agreement I'd have had a really good case for constructive dismissal.
Take care peeps


Mylene said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend away with your daughter.
I wish you good luck on the job front and take care.

Maureen said...

Love the pictures - looks like a great weekend. I used to live in Bath and haven't been back for a wee while now so it's always nice seeing it again.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

A lovely update, Jan! Loved Bath - I've never visited, sadly... Lots of luck in the job hunt! xox

Always smiling said...

What a fantastic time away with your lovely daughter.. sorry about the job situation but I believe and it has always been true in my life, when one door closes another opens. When I gave in to pressure and left my Deputy's job I thought I'd be counting pennies to live till I retired, due then two years later and wow!! I started some Suppy work in a local school whose Head thought I was wonderful just because I played the piano and would sing aloud infront of a whole school and teach singing and I could have had a job till now, age 66 but at 64 the man I had met two years earlier became my DH and I left that school. But had I known how much easier and happier my life would have been when I left that Deputy's post I would have left earlier!

Keep your chin up and keep hoping for that miracle, they do happen!
Chris x