Thursday, February 18, 2010

A bell ring for Barry

I chose a special bell for Barry
It's Big Ben - my blackberry reminded my as well - a small vibration rather than a bell . Hope all's well Barry


Skip Simpson said...

The bells rang in Alabama at 2!

Brian Miller said...

thanks for rining it...we rang as well! so sorry to hear about his mother though.

joanny said...

Dearest Jan

Thanks for ringing the bell...

Was looking for the second post to the on-going story-- you must be busy!

Also would like to thank you for the really nice comment you made on my post for the first magpie, Yes we have dowser's here and national organization called 'American Society of Dowsers' located back east in Vermont; and a very small chapter here in the North West where I live.

I would love to come to your area some day -- Stonehenge and Avebury in Wiltshire UK and and connect with some skilful dowsers. They are very interesting people indeed.