Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Magpie Tales

Okay , I know I'm late and I haven't even finished my story but I ThoughtI'd give you the beginning and I will do more later this week.

Hannah loved visiting Nan’s she told such wonderful tales and had such beautiful things around her. Ever since she was a little girl she’d look forward to Sunday tea at Nan’s and the chance to escape from the reality of home with her four brothers and poor mum who’d always struggled to make ends meet.
It was Nan that she’d been named for as mum and Nan had been friends as girls, but now both Nan and mum where getting older and Hannah was no longer ‘a spring chicken’ herself.
Most of all Hannah loved to escape into Nan’s tales of mum and herself courting different boy’s and mum settling for Dad (Nan never liked him but wouldn’t hurt mum by saying so) .Dad left when Graham ( little brother - not so little now - a strapping 23 year old rugby player , lol ! )
Nan never married - she said through choice , but who knows ?
Anyway , Sunday was Mothers Day and Hannah had already bought mum some flowers and chocolates and booked her in for a massage - she was always on the go helping people and doing things that she needed some pampering for herself.
But what to get for Nan ? She already had such beautiful things and went for massages and hairdo’s regularly - she was quite well off from some money her father (a banker) had left. She did wonder how her and mum had become friends as they where from such different backgrounds - granddad was a docker and grandma took in ironing. Mum had done whatever jobs would fit in with the children - she was always scared they’d be taken away.
There was a little antique shop tucked away up one of the back streets on the way to work maybe she’d look in there in her lunch hour and find something - she couldn’t afford much as she was still paying for Christmas and her pay wasn’t much as an office junior.
Lunchtime came and Hannah dashed out , hoping the shop wasn’t shut for dinner - oh it wasn’t , thank goodness. Just inside the door there was a big old trunk which was filled with allsorts of things from jewellery and shawls to pots and pans - perhaps there’d be something there . She was so busy digging in that she didn’t notice the door opening , it smacked her rump and she shot head first into the trunk . As she emerged with an angry glare she spied a very long pair of legs which where topped by a very good looking boy of about the same age . He was trying very hard and not succeeding in hiding a laugh. ‘So sorry’ , he said ‘I didn’t expect anybody to be hiding behind the door’. She tried to stay angry but as her eyes met his she couldn’t and burst into laughter herself ‘that’s okay , I was just looking for something - I shouldn’t have been so close to the door’
‘I’ve come to get something for a very special lady for Mothers Day but I’m not sure what to get - I’ve never met her you see and it’s sort of a peace offering - perhaps you could give me some ideas ?’ he said.
‘Oh , I don’t work here ‘Hannah said ‘ I’m looking for something as well for Mother’s Day , perhaps we could look together’


joanny said...

Hello I am here from willows magpie ---- love your story ---- and can't wait to see where you will go with it -- I truly cracked up laughing the line where you said "it smacked her rump and she shot head first into the trunk " How terrific a sense of humor you must have...
On a side note one of my favorite characters was from Alice in Wonderland -- the White Rabbit --there is always so much to do in so little time...
the dowsers daughter

Anonymous said...

Hello I came over from Barry's to hear your bell and found your Magpie Tales. That was a fun idea. I am excited about the new prompt. Come over for a visit.

Peter Goulding said...

Now, Jan, I hope you're going to finish it and introduce that pewter object into the story!