Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Magpie Tales - Mother's Day , part 2

Okay so It's my 100th post and I have some more of my story for you - this is proving to be a long one and still it's not finished !!!!!
Tonight I'll put the 2nd story here (a shorter one , I promise !!!)
But for now , Hannah's story part 2
As they dug into the trunk - two curly dark heads together , suddenly they both took hold of a smooth metallic object and pulled it from under the shawls.
It was a vase or jug about 6 inches tall with engraving , a bit dull and old looking . ‘That’s pewter ‘ said Hannah ‘ it’ll shine up nicely , she’ll love it’ ‘ Oh said the boy , I was just thinking the same for my special lady’ . His face dropped and Hannah made a quick decision , ‘you have it , I’ll find something else - she’d love one of these Indian shawls’ ‘ But I couldn’t , you found it first’ ‘No I didn’t , we found it together , besides , you’ll need to do a lot of polishing before you can give that’
‘Oh thanks so much , if you really don’t mind . Can I buy you a coffee by way of thanks - I saw a place just down the road.’
‘ I have to get back to work I’m afraid but there’s no need , thanks anyway’
‘Oh okay , maybe we can meet up some other time , let me write my phone number down , I’m staying here a couple of weeks before I have to go back down south to work’
‘Thanks I’ll call you’ Hannah slipped the paper into her pocket guessing she’d probably never see him again. Ooops she didn’t even know his name , ah well never mind , the dream was there.
Sunday dawned bright and sunny and Hannah woke mum up with a cup of tea and a kiss ‘ Happy Mother’s Day . I’m doing the fussing today so what would you like for breakfast?’ ‘ Mmm egg and bacon would be nice if you don’t mind’ ‘Course I don’t mind - you go and have your shower and it’ll be ready when you come down’
As Hannah put the food out on a plate and made a fresh pot of tea she could hear mum coming down stairs .
‘Are you going over to see Nan today ?’ asked mum
‘Yes , I’m dropping you off at Anna Mays then going on to Nan’s’
‘Anna May’s , what for?’
‘You’re booked in for a full body aromatherapy massage’
‘But isn’t that expensive?’
‘Don’t worry about that , you deserve it’
‘Will you be back for tea?’
‘Yes and I’m cooking it so don’t you dare touch anything - right I’m going to get dressed , see you in a bit’
Hannah dropped mum off still protesting at the expense and drove on to Nan’s, prettily wrapped shawl in the back.


Brian Miller said...

very nice...

Chris said...

Wow you're really going for this writing aren't you? Well done..I popped long and joined the Magpie Tales myself and wrote for the second picture prompt.
Here is the blog I started for just writing.

Thank you for saying about it
Chris x

Karan said...

Roll on the next instalment... I want to know what happens next. :0)