Friday, November 21, 2008

Yesterday (there's a song there somewhere !!!)

Well hospital went well yesterday - Immunosuppressant dose has been raised but I'm to start reducing steroids slowly again. Unfortunately she's not happy with finger so I've got more antibiotics and a nagging to see my GP next week !! I'll probably discuss BP then as well.
In the post I got loads of beautiful Madeira silks (ebay win and stay at home parcel) also my chart of Oweenee which I will make a start on after Christmas.
Didn't do any stitching yesterday but have the makings of my stitched card .
Tonight they switch the lights on in Chippenham so Dave and Ellie (she has writing workshop after school ) will come in and park at work and we'll have a wander round - forecast to be freezing !!!

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Mylene said...

Good to hear the visit at the hospital went well. Take care.