Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brrrrrrrr!!!! Cold but snug.

Well it's truly freezing here today. Weather Pixie says 2C at the moment but I suspect it feels chillier outside.
Boss came back to work yesterday - I wasn't best pleased as with my immune system being down ,and him coughing up gunge , chances of him infecting me are pretty high. Our übermeister suggested he should wear a mask to protect me and wasn't altogether joking !!!
Work was steady but quiet . Dave picked me up and it was freezing fog on the way home. Forgot to say that we stopped off at the Beefeater for tea Wednesday night after work which was nice.
Got my secret santa present for work - need a couple more things for it but have to get them nearer the time so won't wrap it yet.
Bit closer to finishing ornament but will need to frog as noticed a glaring counting error .
Got package from Polstitches today for modelstitching and have made a start - the colours are really bright on this piece (ordinary DMC) such a tonic in this dull weather.
I was going to go to Bath Christmas Market with madam today but the weather is so horrible it's not worth it - maybe next weekend.

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