Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Catch up

Okay , Friday lunchtime went out for a girlie lunch with workmates. It was the 30th birthday of one of them. We went to Pizza Hut . Food was good but slow service and mixed up bill spoilt it.

Friday night went to the Bell for dinner . It was decorated inside and out (graveyard in the beer garden) for halloween and they had a halloween childrens tape with stories and music playing. There where prizes for the childrens costumes and Ellie went as a witches cat - didn't get a picture unfortunately !!!) Dave and I shared mixed olive's and hot crusty bread as starters , I then had seared venison with new potatos and green beans and finished with chocolate and blood orange mousse.

Saturday night I started with a temperature then all night went hot and cold and kept on blacking out , bad diarrhoea followed and I spent Sunday sleeping and dashing to the toilet. Needless to say I didn't go into work Monday .

Managed to finish a bit of stitching though

This is the first square for the The Sampler Guild challenge . It's a raised diagonal band. I used an Ozark floche which was a limited edition - I ran out near the end so had to substitute a Limited edition Vikki Clayton silk and a Caron Watercolours to get the right shades . It's not perfect but it works.

I have a couple more pieces but as they're gifts , they have to stay secret for the time being.


Clare - Aimetu said...

Hope you are feeling better today - I'm off work too with a bad head and feeling sick.

Love the stitching - colour matching looks good.

Mylene said...

I do hope you feel much much better now.

Julia said...

Hope your feeling better now...I took nearly a month to get over a bad flu.
I didn't think you celebrate halloween in England..
Hugs Julia

Jan said...

Thanks Clare - back to work today (Wednesday) just a chesty cough left. The colour match isn't bad but the silk is shiny against the matte floche and wildflower thread.
Thanks Mylene - have reached 'stir-crazy' point so although still coughing I'm going into work today.
Hi Julia
I suspect that with the tabs I'm on (immunosuppressants) it'll take me a while to shake this off but I must get back to work.
We seem to celebrate Halloween more and more each year - following the American tradition although having said that , I can remember as a girl doing apple bobbing and duck apple and playing other games with brothers and sister and friends , so I think it's just become a lot more commercialised now