Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Running past myself

Well , where did last week go ?
After being ill Monday and Tuesday with the dreaded flu , I went back to work Wednesday feeling last than brilliant to a lecture from boss about how I should take some leave for R&R - the last thing I need , to come back like last year and find out that someone has taken over my job reorganising my desk (personal space ) while I'm away!!!
Thursday was marginally better.
Friday was hospital - quick in and out - eye in flare up but not surprised as the flu will have affected my immune system.
Saturday I started my ornament swap for the sampler guild swap, then didn't like it so have started another !!!. Thursday posted out oriental mailart, ornament for Diane and stay at home swap.
Need to crack on with piece for March retreat and also need to do a Christmas card for Jaynes Attic swap.
Leave booked for Christmas. We find out next week where we're going for Christmas party.
Dave might not go if Jamie can't look after the dog - he'll just drop us off and pick us up in the morning.


Mylene said...

Quite a busy week despite of the flu. Hope your eye and the flu will be over soon.

Anonymous said...

That flu also hit us hard. Hope you are feeling better.

Julia said...

Hope your better now, that flu can sure knock you about..