Thursday, November 20, 2008

Photo added to Profile

I've actually put a photo on my blog. This was 6 years ago when Ellie was 2 the picture was taken at Bourton on the water.
Bristol Eye Hospital today so will feel like a pincushion when they've finished !!! Can't hang around shopping as I have to pick up Ellie from Val's (childminder)
Startied knitting a scarf in some really wacky wool last night - don't know if I have enough and possible will not be able to get more so hope I can finish it.
Found out venue for works Christmas Do - it's the same as last year - The Pudding Club . I have my dress - It's a black tie affair as always so my dress is long . I just want to get a shrug or a lacy overtop . Ellie has her dress and again will need a shrug , also shoes - her feet grow so quickly these days.There will be a walk the next day for those that want to but I wont do it this year - get out of breathe too quickly with the new tablets and my lagging would spoil it for others.

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Mylene said...

Wonderful picture, Jan. Thanks for sharing.