Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy day yesterday - quiet today

Well , yesterday was so busy at work . Some dork snapped the flush off completely in the mens toilet and the plumber can't get in till Monday so I had to open the empty suite so that they could use those. One of the interviewees brought their presentation as a Mac powerpoint and of course didn't think to convert it beforehand . The directors suggested that we use his apple laptop but of course we didn't have a projector lead with an apple Mac fitting.He ended up with them all huddled round his laptop - not ideal !!!!
Dave picked me up from work and we went to The Bell at Broad Hinton
For starters Dave and I shared TheMarinated olives and crusty bread , Ellie had chunky home made chips and a home made burger with salad which came at the same time as our starters. Dave had Whole tail breaded scampi served with fries and salad and I had Lamb noisettes served on chive mash, thyme roasted carrots and rosemary and mint jus. After this I had Eton Mess and coffee , Ellie had ice cream and Dave just had coffee . It was really nice and we booked for the halloween night - have to try to dress Ellie up in a costume for the night.
Stayed up late playing games on the computer and watching telly so slept in this morning - Ellie got into bed with me and sat reading . When I woke I managed to get loads of stitching done but I need to do some more to finish my mailart .
I received my oriental mailart from Lillian Kok of The Netherlands - it was full of goodies and I will upload some photos later. Very prettily stitched with blackwork and gold on red finished with a black tassel.
I'm watching 'Lost in Austen' ,which I taped ,at the moment so ideal for stitching to . Dave's gone to watch hockey and Ellie's writing a story.
Looking forward to going to London tomorrow although not looking forward to the journey

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