Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Finding the time

Where do the days go ?
It's been such a busy year and halloween is almost upon us.
I still need to finish my ornament and my mailart but so many other things get in the way not least this computer !!!! I really must try to be more strong willed but after a days work I'm usually too tired to pick up a needle. My boss goes away for a week on Friday - not a minute too soon - he's driving me crazy and I fear I will commit murder before the week is out.
The weather is really autumnal now , rainy and cold yesterday and cold this morning. We didn't really have much of a summer.
I received the lovely silks from Vikki Clayton yesterday for my 'Chose Favorite' just waiting for the pattern translation now although if I'm honest , I could probably get by pretty much without it ,my French although rusty is not too bad.
Also got some lovely chocolate from Hotel Chocolate ,it's meant to be for Halloween but after a bad day at work I felt I needed to sample it to make sure it was okay!!!
Ellie won't be going to her dance class tomorrow as punishment - apparently she's been put in the naughty book for lying with another girl and wasting class time , not sure of any more details as that was all DH was told by the teacher and Ellie refuses to elaborate saying she 'can't remember'
Still not got my next Bristol hospital appointment and not started the new tablets - no real change in the eye or the other health side effects , can't wait to reduce the preds, the heaviness and breathlessness is really getting me down I feel years older .

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