Monday, October 27, 2008

Good days and bad days

Well , last week ended up as a write off !!!! On Thursday I went to Bristol Eye Hospital for my bloods and eye checks (I started the new immunosuppressant two weeks back) . When the Dr asked if I'd had any side effect I showed her my swollen fingers. I was immediately whisked off to casualty at the BRI where they cut off my rings - I had to have entonox and left teeth marks on the grip - tears where streaming down my face and the air was totally 'blue' !!!!!
Went back to the eye clinic where they put me on antibiotics. Friday was a haze of pain killers and sleep . I now need to contact my insurers to see what they say.
On a nice note , I got some lovely silks in a grab bag from Polstitches (dragon floss) and yesterday I found out I had won one of Aimetu's pieces for PIF (more on next post)

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